(Video) Hit-Boy – Brake Lights


Off his HITstory mixtape, producer/rapper Hit-Boy hits the “Brake Lights” for his new visual. Get into the video below. Marisa Mendez

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Samsung’s First Quad-Core Smart TV


Responsible for the existence of Smart TVs, Samsung has done a great job creating what will eventually be the standard. Many big name companies have tried to imitate but fall short of coming close to Samsung’s in-house branded Smart TV. They’re latest model, the F8000, is really something impressive. Tat Wza

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(Video) TMI?! Al Roker Says He Pooped His Pants At The White House!


During a recent interview with “Dateline” Al Roker over shared and said that he sharted while at the White House and had to go commando. Click below to watch the video of him sharing his odd story. Melissa

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NFL: Robert Griffin III Has Partial Tears To His ACL & LCL


There’s still a whole lot we don’t know, but here’s what we have so far and will update you as we get details. Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has suffered partial tears to the anterior cruciate ligament and lateral collateral ligament in his right knee, according to a report from The Washington Post. GameTimeGirl

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Can He Live? Justin Bieber Fans Mutilating Their Bodies To Make Him Stop Smoking!

Justin Bieber address pics of him smoking weed

This is extremely disturbing. Many of Justin Bieber’s fans have been posting photos on twitter of themselves cutting their wrists with the hashtag #Cut4Bieber and #CutForBieber to get him to stop smoking weed. They were so upset after seeing the photos of him smoking that they went to this extreme. Their hashtag was actually trending worldwide. This is just crossing a major line. Click below for more of the story. Melissa

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Auto:(Photos) Victoria Secret Model Looks Very Different Pushing Her Porsche Cayenne


Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima is seriously HOT!! A woman you could literally just look at for hours and appreciate every aspect of her beauty and sex appeal. I am sure she is the star of many fantasies for men. But she was caught in pics driving her Porsche Cayenne and well, let’s just say she really wasn’t looking the same. I think it’s unfair to assume a woman has to be made up and glamorous 24/7, but these pics you wouldn’t even recognize her. Sometimes it’s amazing to see what Hollywood makeup and all the glitz what it can do to someone’s appearance. She still sexy to me though lol. Check the gallery above to see pics of her ride and I included pics of her doing her model thing so you can see the difference. IamJOE357

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NFL: Website Fights Back Against Chad Johnson’s Sex Tape Lawsuit


Last week we found out that Chad Johnson is suing WorldStarHipHop and Media Takeout for posting footage of him having sex with a woman without his consent.  Well it looks like one of the sites aren’t going down without a fight.  This could get crazy. Report after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Instagram DAMN! [#MirrorMonday Edition]


Fellas check out these random hotties showing their goodies in a mirror flick! DJTech4

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NFL Recap & Latest Playoff Picture!

IFWT_NFL playoffs

Missed some of the action from this weekend’s playoff games?!  You know we got you!  Check out who beat who and what’s on tap for this week’s games! GameTimeGirl

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Auto:(Video) World’s Largest Burnout (World Record)


When Australians do something, they do it BIG! When the previous world record for the largest burnout at one time was 49 cars, they didn’t just say “hey, lets go for 50”. Nope, they went for 69! Check the video below of 69 cars burning out at the same time. 30 of the cars blew tires within the first 30 seconds of the burnout. Not sure what this world record means, but hey, Australia is once again known for something other than “Crocodile Dundee” . Check the video below. IamJOE357

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