(Video) Tech Talk Gaming: MW3 Guns And Perks Package!!!!

Ok, Everybody has been waiting for this for like 2 years, and Mark my words, although I think Battlefield 3 is just as strong, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Series has been the Top selling game Every Year it has come out, not to mention ALL of the Call Of Duty Games, But MW is Prob it’s Strongest Series, and WE All Love it, so on the Eve of this years biggest gaming release, we have more footage of game play!!!! Hit the Jump!


I need to hit Best Buy for some sort of package, My TV and Xbox is down, and I need this like a fish need Water!!!!!!

PC GamesE3 2012Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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INDIE MIXTAPE: Push! Montana & DJ Drama – When PUSH! Comes To Shove 2 (No DJ)

Push! Montana gets officially Gangsta Grilled with features by Maino, Young Chris, Killa Kyleon, Count of LEP Bogus Boys, Smoke Dza, Freddie Gibbs & Nipsey Hussle with production by Statik Selektah, Rico Beats, Alchemist and more


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4th Herman Cain Harassment Accuser To Go Public With Celeb Lawyer Gloria Allred

A fourth woman accusing Cain of sexual harassment will reportedly go public Monday afternoon in a press conference with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

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(Video) Tyler, The Creator Gets Hit With a Bottle on Stage in Texas

Ouch! While performing last night in Austin, TX, a jerk of a fan (or maybe not a fan at all?) launched a glass bottle from the crowd that ended up striking Tyler right near his eye. A fellow Odd Future member immediately responded by throwing a water bottle right back, and then the entire gang went to hunt the kid down. No word if they ever found him but I sure hope so. What an idiot! Watch the video of the incident below.

Marisa Mendez

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Auto Talk: Next Ford Mustang GT will channel GT500

After decades of dominating the pony car sales charts, the Ford Mustang has finally met its match in the latest Chevrolet Camaro. Naturally, this high-profile segment, is one that Ford is loathe to concede. After being infused with completely new engines in 2011, the Mustang will soon receive a visual refreshening that aligns this horse’s looks even more with the range-topping Shelby GT500 model.

Funk Flex

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) @BlacChyna_Mia Shows ALL That She’s Working With!

Fellas check these pics of Blac Chyna showing ALL that she is working with!


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(Video) NBA: 20 Years Ago Today Magic Johnson Announced That He Tested Positive For HIV

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Before he burst through those curtains in that dark suit and made the whole world freeze for a few spins, Magic Johnson had to be cornered by his agent for one important reminder.

Before he stepped up to the Great Western Forum microphone to give the sporting universe its very own Kennedy Moment, Magic startled Lon Rosen by telling him he was about to inform a global TV audience that he had the AIDS virus.

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Lindsay Lohan Says “Jail Was Scary” (Fellas Check the Pics!)

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends that her whopping 4.5 hour jail bid WAS “scary,” even though she was never placed with the general population. What a wimp. (Not that I’d ever do well there either or not be scared out of my mind but…just sayin’ LOL.) Read on for more details and some pics!

Marisa Mendez

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NEW MUSIC: Dev ft. Fabolous – Kiss My Lips

Check out the new ode to oral sex from up and comer Dev featuring Fabolous below. Shout to J Rose.

Marisa Mendez

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Tech Talk Device: Color eReader Nook Jumps In Tablet Game???

Well I guess since Barnes & Noble, and Amazon have been having a Battle of eReaders since the beginning, this was inevitable, But The NEW Color Nook it Now Tablet ‘like’, hit the Jump for the Specs!


Ok I just want too say, yes this is direct competition for the Kindle Fire, but NOT competition for a real Android Tablet, like the Fire -_-
No Camera and limited Android market access, this is for the eReader Fans!


- full lamination

-videos up to 1080p

-11.5 hours of battery life

-16GB of built-in memory, with up to 32gb expansion

-multimedia content( Netflix and Hulu Plus pre-loaded)

-access to 250 magazines, Comic(like Marvel) and periodicals

-Gingerbread 2.3.5(limited Android Market)

-Priced at $250

Mos Def this color Nook is on the Kindle Fire’s ass, but is double the Ram and Storage, is it with $50 More??? idk, You tell me, I’m not really an eReader fan, I mean, you can get eReaderness on a Tablet, yet still enjoy ALL the Apps, and Video Chat, I just happen to like more bang for my buck, but that’s just me, because I def see a lot of ppl with eReaders -_-

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