NYC Killings Lower 18.5% In 2012!


It seems as though lately there has been an outpouring of shootings and killings, but surprisingly, in NYC, murders have lowered 18.5% in 2012. This is great to hear, especially since NYC has been known for being very dangerous. Click below for full details. Melissa Nash

(Photo) LOL! Diddy Dresses Up As Santa Clause!?!

IFWT Diddy

It’s nice to see people not take themselves too seriously, especially around the Holidays! Diddy took to his instagram to post a really festive photo of himself dressed up as Santa! Hit the jump and check out the gallery to see it. Melissa

Auto:(Video) Acura About To Be Traded In Burst Into Flames??


I hope this guy really was not about to trade his car in. At an Acura dealer in Canada, according to the video a customer is there to trade in his Acura TL to something new. While the car is sitting outside the dealership it catches flames and there goes any chance of doing a trade in. The person filming the fire turns out works at a Lexus dealership next door and recommends the customer might want to switch to Lexus, lol. Watch the video after the jump. IamJOE357

NBA:(Video) Funny New Chris Paul & “Cliff Paul” Commerical


. Not gonna lie. This commercial had me laughing the first time I saw it just for the way they got Chris Paul looking. This is a new commercial for State Farm. Does Chris have a long lost brother? lol IamJOE357

(Photos) Drake Calls Out WHO For Using His Motto!?


We all know Drake made “Yolo” an extremely famous saying, and it looks like he’s NOT happy that a few people stole it without his consent… He even threatened them to cut him a check for it! Click below find out details! Melissa

Tech Talk News: Online Shopping Up 16% From Last Year


According to Comscore online Holiday shopping has risen more than 16% this year, even in a not so good economy. Comscore says about $38.7 million was spent during the first 51 days of the “November-December holiday season” . Even with all the Fiscal Cliff stuff going on people are out there still spending and spending more than usual. And on December 17th when shipping was free for most customers people spent 1.01 billion with a growth of more than 70% increase from last year. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(Fellas Check The Pic!) Suelyn Medeiros Sends Out A Holiday Message!


Fellas check out this holiday message from Suelyn Medeiros! If you were having a sh*tty Christmas this will definitely cheer you up! DJTech4 

NBA:(Video) Dirk Nowitzki Gets Beat 1 on 1 By Kid


I always love these type of stories. Dirk was at a children’s hospital in Dallas giving out gifts to the kids. Suddenly he was challenged by a 4 foot tall superstar and he took it to Dirk! Ok, really it is just a nice video to see, but after watching you cant help but have love for Dirk! Check the video after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto: (Video) Top 10 Car Commercials Of 2012


At the Detroit auto show, which will be held next month, an advertising competition called “One Show” will take place. They will be there to select the top 10 car commercials of the past 25 years!! Good luck with that one, cause that is alot of commercials to review. The people at Autonews instead put together a top 10 list of 2012. Check the video below for the #1 viewed car commercial of this year. Then click the link after for the rest of the list. IamJOE357

(Photo) Um, Karrueche May Just Be Obsessed With Chris Brown!!!


I’ve tried to remain very open minded during this whole Breezy/Rihanna/Karrueche love triangle, but now it’s just getting ridiculous… This morning, Karrueche took a photo of herself that was specifically for Chris Brown. She deleted it shortly after, I’m assuming because she found out Chris and Rihanna have been spending Christmas together all day today. Anyway, hit the jump and check out the gallery for the pic of K… and then let us know what you think of it in the comments section! Melissa

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