Auto:(Photos) Shine Bright Like A Diamond…On Your Car?


All I keep hearing in my head is 50 cent saying ” I’ll teach you how to stunt “. You think your car is hot cause it got some nice rims? You think your leather trim is popping? You think your Bentley will shut the club down when you pull up? How about a car with Diamonds on it! Yes, literally! How about a car that has actual gold stitched into the leather. Well for $3.4 million dollars you can have this car! W motors, which is based in the Middle East, is getting ready to unveil their Lykan HyperSport at the Qatar auto show next week. A car like this would be made in the Middle East where there is money everywhere. If your wondering where are the diamonds, they will be encrusted on the LED headlights. Literally gives shine bright like a diamond a whole new meaning. I did not even mention that the car will go from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 242mph! It is easy to go that fast when the engine will have 750hp. Crazy! This is not a concept car either, this car will actually be made into production. No word yet on how many will be made. Should be more details next week. Check the gallery for pics of how the car is going to look. IamJOE357

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(Video) Sports: 8th Grader With Down Syndrome Hits Two 3-Point Shots & Makes SportsCenter


This is such a great story!  I love to see stories like this!  Owen Groesser, a junior high student with Down syndrome, made a pair of 3-pointers in his school’s basketball game Wednesday, prompting a Twitter campaign that resulted in a highlight on “SportsCenter.” The power of Twitter came through for the kid!  They’ve been showing his highlight on Sports Center all day!  Check it out after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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(Photo) Ow! Rihanna Bending Over In Her Bathing Suit In Barbados Campaign Pic!!!

Rihanna stars in new campaign for Barbados

Fellas, enjoy! Rihanna recently posted a photo of her Barbados campaign, and now she’s back at it again! She posted one today of her in a bathing suit. Hit the jump to check it out! Melissa

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(Photo) Snoop Lion Clearly Isn’t Phased By Rasta Threats!!


We recently reported that Snoop is facing legal troubles due to his recent persona change to Snoop Lion. It’s looking like Snoop isn’t even phased by these threats though, considering he was seen in LAX looking very relaxed. Hit the jump to check it out, mon! Melissa

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(Photo) Kim K Posts Throwback Picture Of Her And Kanye Doing WHAT?!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian posted a throwback thursday photo of her and Kanye West doing something that got them in the Paris news! Can you guess what? Hit the jump and check out the gallery to find out what it is! Melissa

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MIXTAPE: Uncle Murda – The First 48 (Hosted By Mike Epps)


The first 48 hours following a murder are no joke, but with comedian Mike Epps commentating things should balance out. Check out Uncle Murda’s newest mixtape as he adds another murder to his resume. DJ RellyRell

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Auto:(Photos) Don’t Sleep On That Spice Girl Money!


I know alot of people use to laugh at the Spice Girls when they started to have their music played here in the U.S. Don’t front, I am sure some of you were taking them as a joke. It seems the girls are still laughing all the way to the bank. Some people know spice girl member Mel B because she was with Eddie Murphy for a while. But it is clear she is doing her own thing now a days, and doing it big. Can’t lie either, she looks good while she is doing it. Check the pics in the gallery of her Bentley Continental GTC caught at the gas station. And of course if you gonna push a car like that, the footwear that is going to touch the gas pedals has to match also. She is definitely looking right in those Louboutin’s. IamJOE357

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(Video) NFL: @RosenbergRadio Kicks The Realness: Ray Lewis Is Annoying


We are just a lil more than a week away from the Super Bowl and Rosenberg from the Hot 97 morning show kicks the realness on why Ray Lewis needs to stop pushing his religious views on football fans. I really like Ray Lewis and have been cheering for him, but I completely understand where Rosenberg is coming from. Take a listen & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Suelyn Medeiros In A Barely There Bathing Suit! Geesh!


Fellas check out this pic of Suelyn Medeiros rocking a barely there bathing suit! GOSH! DJTech4 

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More Leaked Images of RIM’s Touchscreen BB10 Device


Another week and another leak image of RIM’s Blackberry device. I’m sure if you’ve made up your mind on the device you don’t have to see anymore images but if you have’nt here are more just in case your on the fence. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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