Charlie Sheen Dating WHO???


Charlie Sheen was spotted in Cabo alongside porn star Georgia Jones.  They were making out in Mexico while indulging in liquor and cigarettes.  Hit the jump to see his new young boo. Steph B

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NBA: Mike D’Antoni Responds to Amare Stoudemire’s Comment About Never Learning Defense

IFWT Amare x D'Antoni

Amare Stoudemire made some stunning admissions recently when he said he never learned defense in his career.  That’s pretty crazy considering how long he’s been in the league but then you remember Mike D’Antoni was his head coach for more than 8½ seasons in Phoenix and New York and everyone knows defense is one of D’Antoni’s shortcomings.  Still Mike didn’t appreciate Amare’s comments.  Check out what he had to say after the jump. Shay Marie

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A Hospital Room Made Just For Sex???

hospital room

I don’t know how erotic a hospital room can get for a couple.  But, in China one hospital in particular opened up rooms for people to get busy! The rooms run about $140 in dollars and are red-lit. Although, the  Songziniao Hospital offers more than just a room they offer outfits to role play and sex toys among other things.  I mean the biggest benefit I can see from this is that it looks like your are just walking into a hospital for some care when in reality it’s to get freaky, better than walking into a regular hotel room, no? Steph B

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Auto(Photos) Would You Want To Own A Car From “The Godfather” Movie?


Movie buffs get ready to go crazy. Well, if you have a large bank account I should say. 2 cars from the original “Godfather” movie are set to go up for auction later this month in Arizona. The cars will be auctioned off by Bonhams. The 1941 Lincoln coupe and the 1941 Lincoln Limousine will both be in the house ready to go home to the highest bidder. For all you Godfather fanatics, the coupe was the car from the famous scene where Sonny tried to drive through the tollbooth and was setup and met his fate. The 1941 limo however is 1 of only 295, which makes that one the more rarer of the 2. Check the gallery above for a couple more pics and hit the link below for more. IamJOE357

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(Photos) Lindsay Lohan Has Court On Monday, But What Was She Doing Last Night?!?

Lindsay Lohan sb

Lindsay Lohan has to appear in court in NYC on Monday, but yea that’s like two days away so she decided to do what??? PARTY! What else is one to do when a cold courtroom awaits our arrival, in her case her entrance.  She was spotted parting over seas in London looking fab! Steph B

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Jay-Z And Eminem Will Return To The Game With 2013’s Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums!!!

Jay & Em

2012 was a festive year for hip hop, getting albums and mixtapes from a number of heavyweights, but in 2013, it seems like 2 of Hip Hops greatest will make some major noise. Way back in December 2011, Hov revealed to MTV News he was in “a great place creatively” and not only hinted at a 12th solo LP, but told us we might get a Watch the Throne sequel with Kanye as well. Eminem confirmed he is working on his Recovery follow-up, and while no release date has been given, a commemorative baseball cap that went for sale on the rapper’s website in October hinted at a 2013 release. Read more below. Russ B

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Jimmy Kimmel Said WHAT About Jay Leno, While Doing WHAT???

Jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel recently had an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where he did not bite his tongue and revealed what he thought of Jay Leno.  He said that Jay Leno is a sell out and is really a “has been.”  Regardless of what he thinks of the comedic veteran, the interview was done while both the interviewer and Kimmel were high! They were smoking together and Jimmy was feeling the bond and criticized his opponent. Steph B

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NBA: Breaking News, The Orlando Magic Won’t Pursue Dwight Howard in Free Agency LOL

IFWT_Dwight Howard

Everyone is laughing and basically in shock that the Orlando Sentinel would even take the time out to write this story.  It’s well known that Dwight Howard will become a free agent after this season, it’s also well known about the “Dwightmare” and his subsequent departure from the Orlando Magic.  So why would we all need to be alerted that they won’t pursue him in free agency?  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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Friend Of Indian Gang Rape Victim Speaks Out!

Indian Police

The brutal gang rape that caused an uproar in India regarding women’s rights and protests will continue to do so as details of the tragedy emerge.  The gang rape involved a couple men a few weeks on a bus in India.  They brutally raped a woman with a metal rod and she died weeks later after organ failure.  Now her friend that was with her during the incident, that was also beaten, has said that he and the victim laid in the streets bleeding for 2 hours before anyone even helped them!  According to reports police have denied the claims of this man. Steph B

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(Photos) A Blind Man Who Uses Instagram???

ifwt_tommy edison

I know you are thinking this is impossible and what is the use.  But I mean why not? How incredible is it to follow someone on Instagram and view his filtered pics knowing he wasn’t even able to see how beautiful some of his pics are.  He,Thomas Edison, uses his hearing to take the pics and filter them through voice prompts. Steph B

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