Tech Talk Spotlight: Check Out Todays 12/21/12 Top @Viddy Videos (2012 Rewind Edition)


  Todays Viddy video goes into a year in review of your favorite Viddy videos of the year Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

NBA:(Video)Funny New Blake Griffin Commerical…Not Seen Yet


Check the video below of the new Blake Griffin commercial with Kia. This commercial will debut on Christmas day during the NBA games. Can’t lie, Kia definitely has something good going with Blake. IamJOE357

The X Factor: Tate Stevens Wins The Show!!

Tate Stevens

“First and foremost I got to thank the man upstairs for taking care of me, my family, all the country music fans – God bless you,” “Thank you so much for all the votes. This is the best day of my life.” says L.A. Reid’s “Over 25” contestant Tate Stevens after being announced as the winner of season 2 of the X Factor. He’s a dad of two and a road worker from Missouri. Stevens is now looking at a $5 MILLION recording contract! RUSS B

Google Play Store Holiday Freebies & Specials !!!!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Google Play Store is getting involved in the holiday spirit this year with a little giving! [Actually A lot!] Every day through January 1, Google Play Store will be giving away or discounting everything from Apps to Music, even Books!! This should drive a ton of traffic towards the Android app market place. Links after jump… Tat Wza

(Fellas Check The 18 And Over Pic! ) Oleimi Looking Super Sexy!!


Check out Oleimi Looking so Sexy!! DJ-O

Guess What The Obama’s Are Having For Christmas Dinner?!


The Obama’s are just like an other family especially during the holiday season. Michelle Obama, who has dubbed herself, “hostess n chief” has announced what she and the first family will be eating during Christmas. Michelle, who is an advocate of healthy living, saying during holiday’s her healthy lifestyle kind of goes out the window as it should! The First Lady says everyone deserves a certain side dish, especially during the holidays! Find out what they are eating below. Julie A.

Tech Talk App of The Game: PitFall For Android


Being released on iOS devices earlier this year, was deemed a hit after retooling the Nintendo version is now available for Android. The game is currently free, but as you play your going to have to spend some money to advance. The game is similiar as the iOS version but the Android version will have 3D graphics. Download link after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Kicks: @DjDelz x Air Jordan Bred 11 Or Concord XI Sneakers? PickOne

IFWT Air Jordan 11 "Concord" vs "Bred"

Check out DJDelz and the pick one Air Jordan 11 Condcords or Bred? Hit the jump to see the video… DJ JUANYTO

Rebel Wilson To Host MTV Movie Awards!!

Rebel Wilson

Actress and stand-up comedian Rebel Wilson is to serve as host of the MTV Movie Awards, the cable television network said.Set to air on April 14, this is the “Pitch Perfect” star’s first time hosting, and the first time a woman has hosted since Sarah Silverman back in 2007. Will you be tuned in?? RUSS B

NRA Breaks Silence One Week After Newtown Massacre, Says We Need More Guns


One entire week after the horrific, tragic events that happened in Newtown, CT, the NRA has finally broken their silence. I have been waiting for them to release a statement in which they would try to convince us that guns aren’t bad for people to have. Granted, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” there’s no way any can justify the need for assault weapons to me. I fully stand being VP Biden and his moves to ban assault weapons. Back to the topic at hand, in true NRA fashion, they stated that we need more guns saying, “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre bashed the media during his speech and went on to say that schools need armed guards. Although I do agree the schools need more security, I’m not sure an armed guard is any solution. What if a madman overpowers the armed guard, grabs his gun, and starts shooting? Find out what else he said below. Julie A

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