(Video) Ultimate Electronics Shopping Spree!!!


This guy had 156 seconds to grab whatever electronics he wanted from a Best Buy in the Netherlands. He went for the big things first and really racked up but you gotta see how well thought out and methodical he was grabbing enough of each to make a large family very, very happy. I wonder if they would ever try this in New York City, if so, I’m first in line! Check it out the video bellow. Tat Wza

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Lil Wayne To Take Another Shot At Quincy Jones III?!?


If you haven’t heard, Lil Wayne and Quincy Jones III have been dealing with an ongoing court battle over Quincy using Wayne’s music without his authorization. Wayne originally lost the court case due to his unreliable disposition, but he wants to take him back to court because he’s not satisfied with the outcome. Click below for more information. Melissa

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Zoo Director Pleads Guilty To Animal Cruelty!!!


A Virgina Zoo director pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and possession of animal euthanasia drug without a license charges dropped after she drowned a wallaby in a bucket of water. Meghan Mogensen, the Zoo Director at Reston Zoo, which is actually owned by her father was charged after she euthanized an injured wallaby. The wallaby sustained an eye injury that other zoo staff deemed treatable at first, but when the injury worsened concern about the animals health rose. Eric Mogesen, Meghan’s father and the Zoo owner deemed the injuries worthy of euthanasia and his daughter carried it out. A Zoo employee found a bucket of water next to the wallaby’s empty cage, and suspected wrong doing, then reported to the police after she found the dead wallaby wrapped up in bag drenched in water. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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Auto: GM Forced To Recall 70,000 Trucks & Suv’s


More bad news for GM. The just found out they might owe as much as $1 Billion dollars to creditors due to some issues from when the company accepted a government bailout and was restructured in 2009. Now they are forced to recall almost 70,000 trucks and suv’s including the Escalade, Tahoe and others. The reason for the recall? You may walk out of your house and see your truck rolling away down the street. Turns out some of these vehicles may of been built with a cracked park lock cable or a malformed steering column lock actuator gear. In these cases, the car could shift from park without the key being in the ignition or even without the pedals being touched. Hit the link after the jump for more. IamJOE357

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NBA: Quentin Tarantino’s Mom Used To Date Which NBA Legend


Quentin Tarantino is making headlines right now as the director of the controversial movie “Django Unchained”. But this post is about a different type of news. Seems his mother was about that life in the past. In a recent interview he mentions how his mom used to live the life of a single swinger, usually while he was somewhere nearby. He was quoted as saying “Oh yeah, my mom, she dated Wilt Chamberlain”. So Wilt the stilt was smashing his mom back in the day. Guess she was one of the 20,000 reported woman Wilt slept with during his lifetime. I wonder if Quentin ever called Wilt “dad” ? . Hit the link after the jump for more. IamJOE357

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Nas Discusses Women In Hip Hop, Frank Ocean, His Biggest Fear, And Inspirations!


Nas’ life is good as usual. He recently sat down with Huck Magazine and spoke on it; discussing various topics such as his biggest fear, his inspirations, and having absolutely no regrets. He also discussed Frank Ocean, Nicki and Azealia Banks. Click below to read the interview and to also check out his Huck coverphoto. Melissa

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Hugo Chavez May Miss Inauguration Because Of What?!?!


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has just won his election a couple of months ago, but will he be ok to go to his inauguration, find out after the jump! AliTheGreatest

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(Photo) Aw! Chris Brown Feels Amber’s BabyBump While Hanging With Her And Wiz!


Too cute! Breezy felt on Amber Rose’s baby bump while hanging out with Wiz and Amber. Amber made a joke saying that Chris was her and Wiz’ first born child. Click below and check out the gallery to see the photo. Melissa

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Beyonce & Lady Gaga Making Ratchet Music ?!?!


Beyonce and Lady Gaga have been preparing to release some new work, just how ratchet is it going to be? Check out the full story after the jump! AliTheGreatest

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(Video) Ace Hood – The Motive *Teaser*


This is the teaser video for ace hood song called “THE MOTIVE” off Starvation 2 which is set to drop January 10th available on DatPiff.com . Check it out the visuals are dope, and there’s some really great shots here shout out to director Ivan Berrios for some very nice work. Check out the video for more. PaulDaPro

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