Auto Talk: GM To Purchase 200 Million Shares From U.S. Treasury


General Motors today said it will buy 200 million shares of its stock from the U.S. Treasury for $5.5 billion and that the government intends to unload all of its shares within 18 months. More details below. Funk Flex

(Video) President Obama To Put VP Biden In Charge Of Gun Control Laws


In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, President Obama is looking into placing VP Biden in charge of gun control laws and making certain restrictions on obtaining weapons. The President will be making the announcement sometime today before 12 noon. Other problems he’s looking into will include tighter school security and mental health issues. Of course these all relate to the recent accident, and could help with any future situations. It’s sad to say that it took 20 babies to pass in order for this to happen, however it’s a great move. This is getting out of hand. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

NFL: Mark Sanchez Receiving Death Threats! Fan Tells Him Don’t Go To Practice or Bullets Everywhere


I really don’t know what more I can say about things like this. WHY are people taking it to this level?!  Yea, you’re mad.  Your team sucks.  Your team is out of the playoffs cause your QB turned the ball over 5 times in a game that ended your playoff hopes. I get it. BUT death threats?! Really?!  With all the violence that has taken place lately, you think this is the right place to go?! CHILLLLLLLLLL!!!! Mark Sanchez has received death threats from a fan on Twitter.  Thank goodness the NFL is aware of the situation and are handing it.  The fan later apologized, but his tweets are CRAZY and not sure if an apology is enough. GameTimeGirl

(Video) WTF?! Poor Baby!! Eagle Attacks & Snatches Up A Baby Off The Ground!


Family day was being spent at a Montreal park in Canada when suddenly an eagle just swoops down from the sky and takes a baby right up off the ground!! The baby was lifted about 2 feet of the ground and luckily was too heavy to go up any further. The baby fell back on the ground, unharmed. Video was just uploaded yesterday & already has over a million views. See the crazy footage after the jump!

Sprint Launches 12MP Camera On The Low

What’s usually presented as a commercial, marketing promotion or sale, was announced with not even a PR article. Pretty surprising being that the phone does have some impressive features. Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC capability are definitely points that show this phone is with the times. Jump for more specs and features. Tat Wza

(Fellas Check The Pic!) Oh Snap! Miley Cyrus REALLY Enjoyed Her “Big Booty H*e”

Birthday Girl, Miley Cyrus

Remember when she said that all she wanted this year for her birthday was a big booty h*e?! Well, Miley asked and received…though she never shared the photos with the rest of us (selfish! LOL). However, she’s recently acquired more big bootied women, and finally…we get to see the a$$ grabbing action go down! It’s only slightly less sexy than one would hope, since Miley looks like a teenaged boy in the photo…LOL! Check out the pic below! Marisa Mendez

(Video) T.I. Hooks Up Fans In NY With A FREE Trouble Man Album


How generous! Since he is currently in NY, T.I. hit up Best Buy and copped a bunch of his albums to give out to lucky fans. As if that wasn’t enough, he also signed autographs for them! See the footage after the jump! Biz Baby

NBA: Guess What LeBron James Is Doing To Become A Better Player?! Dwyane Wade Reacts…


Remember in January when LeBron was caught riding his bike to get to the Heat/Bulls game?!  He said it was because of traffic.  Well he was either not telling the full truth or had a revelation later because he is now taking his biking game very serious.  Come to find out that he’s been riding his bike back and forth to Heat games!  Can you imagine driving somewhere & you see LeBron riding his bike past you?! Lol. Check out why he said he’s doing it, how he avoids fans and what his teammate/friend Dwyane Wade had to say about it… GameTimeGirl

(Video) Alicia Keys Performs On The Late Show With David Letterman

Alicia Keys

The beautiful Alicia Keys does late night promote her latest album Girl On Fire with a visit to the Late Show with David Letterman. Watch her performance and her sit down interview with Letterman after the jump! Biz Baby

(Video) Talk Tech News: LOL! Woman Arrested For Trying To Buy iPads With Food Stamps Card


Sometimes, it’s hard to believe these stories are true… but it can’t even be made up, even if we tried. A Louisville woman, Tracy Browning, tried to buy iPads with her EBT Card (Food Stamps Card) at the Valley Station Walmart but she gets declined. When she realized it wouldn’t go through, she literally just decides to make a run for it – assaulting a store clerk as she was jetting out. Soon after, she was caught and arrested. I can’t with these people, SMH! See the video after the jump! Tat Wza x Biz Baby

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