(Video) Inside The Makings Of Kanye West’s Infamous Kilt From The 12.12.12 Concert

ifwt_kanye kilt 121212

We all watched Kanye and his crazy kilt at the 12.12.12 concert. This video gives us a look into the makings of it. Check out how the infamous Givenchy kilt came together below. Marisa Mendez

How Low Can You Get?! Newtown Scam Artist Caught!


The picture above is of Noah Posner, one of the victims that was killed last friday in the Newtown Tragedy. The Posner families fire was fueled even more when they found out a complete stranger was soliciting money using Noah’s tragic story. Man were they HEATED! As soon as they found out, authorities were called right away and the suspect was arrested. It’s crazy how they same thing happened, after the Virginia Tech Incident, The Columbine shooting, and when 9/11 happened. People will do anything for money SMH! Funk Flek

NEW MUSIC: Dom Kennedy Feat. Busta Rhymes, Reek Da VillIian & J-Doe – My Type Of Party (Remix)


The Conglomerate joins the party assisting Dom Kennedy in a remix of “My Type Of Party”. DJ RellyRell

(Video) Plies – Hunna


Guys, it’s all the makings of a video you’ll enjoy below. LOL. Watch Plies’ new video “Hunna” after the jump. Marisa Mendez

Peep This?! Gun Purchased By ATF Agent Found At Crime Scene


Reports say there was a pistol purchased by an ATF agent at a Mexican Cartel crime scene. The Herstal Pistol earned the nickname “cop killer” because of the popularity is has over the Mexican drug cartel. The ATF agent who owned the gun say’s he sold it to a man in Phoenix. How it ended up in Mexico, at cartel crime scene, IDK! Read More below. Funk Flex

Kicks: @Nike x Kobe 8 System – Release Reminder

IFWT Nike Kobe 8 "System"

The Nike Kobe 8 will officially release in stores tomorrow. Hit the jump to see the gallery, and tell us cop or not? DJ JUANYTO

(Photos) Laura Stylez Launches Earrings With Seville Michelle

Laura Stylez new earrings

Hot 97’s own Laura Stylez held a private launch party for her new collaborative earrings with Seville Michelle last night at Beauty & Essex in NYC. The metallic champagne, leather braided hoop earring is available now at Patricia Fields NYC and online Friday at 12pm via the SevilleMichelleAnastos website. More photos from the night in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

(Fellas Check The Pic) The Sexy Cowboys Fan That Has Everyone Talkin’ About That A**!


Check out the sexy Cowboys fan that has everyone talkin’ about that a**. Click below to see the pic. WiL Major

Auto: The Least Stolen Car Is??


The Toyota Prius? For some reason this does not surprise me. The majority of the public still are hesitant to go with hybrids, and seems criminals are no exception. Between 2008-2010 a Prius was stolen at a rate of 1 in 606, compared to the average for all other model cars of 1 in 78 for the same time. The reason? The parts to the Prius from this time frame only work on a Prius. Sometimes when you steal parts from one type of car, that part may be interchangeable on a completely different model or make. Not with the Prius, all parts of the car from the engine down to the smallest part would not work in another car. So because of that, thieves are less likely to steal this car knowing it will be harder to move the parts. On a good note, when a Prius is stolen, it has a recovery rate of almost 97%. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

Tech Talk Gaming: THQ Files For Bankruptcy Protection


Gaming company giant THQ filed has filed for bankruptcy protection, it seems the company is not doing very well, even with games like WWE’13 on the market. Analyst believe the reason for THQ’s decline is similar to Kodak’s, the company was’nt able to keep up with the times. At one point the gaming company was raking in $800 million in revenue annually and now they’re filing for bankruptcy protection. Are these companies not hiring the right people to tell them the trends of the market. The company has been around since 1989 so they have seen a lot of advancement in the gaming culture. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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