Activision Pulls All 007 Games


It seems Activision has pulled all 007 games from its online store and ending their licence of the Bond property. So if you noticed that all its games which includes 007 Legends, developed by recently-closed studio Eurocom, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, developed by the closed Bizarre Creations, and Quantum of Solace are all gone. They decided to end the realationship early because their most recent game 007 lengends was bashed by gamers and reviewers of the game, and the game just sold poorly. Activistion hasn’t made any comments on the situation. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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Kid Ink Signs With RCA Records


A big congratulations to Kid Ink on signing with RCA Records!! The L.A. rapper cause such a huge buzz this year as an independent artist so I’m sure he’s going to cause even more of a wave as a signed artist. Hopefully we get to hear some new music from the Kid soon! Julie. A

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Rejoins Twitter & Tweets His First Tweet!!

Kobe Twitter cover pic

Guess who’s back!  Looks like Kobe enjoyed Twitter when he took over Nike’s basketball Twitter feed on Christmas for 3 days!  His Twitter handle is @KobeBryant and there is a blue check that says it’s official!  He just tweeted his first tweet minutes ago.  Welcome Kobe!!! Check out what he had to say… GameTimeGirl

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(LIVESTREAM) Watch The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 3 Watch Party With Q & A


Hot 97 hosted a “Love & Hip Hop” Season 3 watch party and live question and answer session with the cast, except Olivia. Joe Budden, Kaylin Garcia, Tahiry, Raqi Thunder, Yandy Smith, Erica Mena, Rich Dollas, Consequence, Jen the Pen, and the more will be on this season and sat down for the question and answer session. The season premieres on January 7 at 8pm on VH1. Check out the livestream going on right now below. Funk Flex

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(Photos) WTF…This Dude Really Did Tattoo “Love Sosa” On His Damn Face !!!


This is for sure the most BONKERS thing of 2013! WTF is wrong with people??? I love Meek Mill, but I’ll be DAMNED if I get “Young & Gettin’ It” tattooed across my cheekbone, and I’m a woman. This guy’s love for Chief Keef extends beyond the stage or any album and the proof is in the tat. Drop down bottom and take a look at this. JaaiR (JR)

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NFL:(Photo) Rex Ryan Has A Tattoo Of What??


I sware this type of thing can only happen with the Jets. Maybe Rex Ryan was hesitant to bench Mark Sanchez because if he wound up leaving the Jets, then Ryan himself would have a pretty silly tattoo, as if it wasn’t already silly enough. Seem all the controversy about Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez will be with Ryan for life . Check the pic above to see the tattoo Rex has SMH. It is a tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey, while doing the “tebow” lol, oh man, it just doesn’t stop with the jets. IamJOE357

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Aeroscraft: The Future Of Large-Payload Logistics


Aeroscraft, a Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle, is designed to move payload of all sizes and weights. Airships and Hybrid Airships usually need to reballast, or balance weight for lift after holding a large amount of weight. Older Airships would reballast by soaking up water & sand to help build weight for movement which would then effect the grounds around it. This then causes a divit or hole of some sort after the ship is gone. Tat Wza

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(Photo) T.I. & Tiny Cover Hottest Couples Issue Of Ebony Magazine


T.I. and Tiny, along with Megan Good and Devon Franklin, cover the February issue of Ebony Magazine. Every February, Ebony features the hottest Hollywood couples of the year and this year the Harris family as well as Bishop T.D. Jakes and his wife Serita. In the issue, T.I., Devon, and the Bishop all write love letters to their leading ladies, so cute! In the issue, Tip also talks about how serious he takes his relationship. Read what he said below. Julie A.

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(Video) Diplo Talks Working With 2 Chainz For ‘Go Heavy’


Producer Diplo recently made his way down to Atlanta to work for 2 Chainz on a new track, “Go Heavy.” The producer talks about making the record but doesn’t say a whole lot of nothing besides that Chainz was downstairs with Trinidad James listening to a 17 verse version of “All Gold Everything.” Watch what he said below. Julie A.

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(Video) Samuel L. Jackson Makes White Reporter Say The N-Word !?!?


There HAS been a lot of controversy around the use of the N-Word in Quentin Tarantino’s recent movie, “Django Unchained.” So, when the reporter began to ask Samuel L. Jackson about it he needed to say the word. No, None, Never, or Nor is Not the word…you all know what it is. Jake Hamilton did NOT say the word when asked to do so by Jackson, but some folks are arguing that he should have said it and there are others saying that he made a good decision by NOT. I watched the interview and I honestly thought that it was funny. Samuel was clearly having fun with him, and some just didn’t get the joke. Drop down bottom to watch. Jackson’s interview is around the 13:30 mark. JaaiR (JR)

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