Auto: Man Attacks Woman On Bus! Crazy Video


Now the video starts with the man and woman are already going at it, so it is hard to see who started it. But once you see the dude hit the woman in the head with a cane, it doesn’t really matter anymore who started it cause he is bugging! Not sure what city this took place in, but in some cities this dude would of got his ass beat by other passengers. You can definitely tell the woman is not innocent, and possibly did something before the video started because the bus driver does tell her he is calling the cops on her after the fight is over. Check the video below and see how you feel. IamJOE357

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NBA: Dwight Howard Fires Back at Robert Horry … He Will NOT Stop Smiling!

IFWT_Dwight Howard smile

Have you noticed how much Dwight Howard smiles while playing basketball?  Does it bother you?  Not me, I like happy people (as long as the job is getting done).  Apparently Dwight smiling bothers a lot of other fans.  Dwight Howard addressed it after he was blasted through the press by former Laker Robert Horry. GameTimeGirl

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(Video) Common Talks Acting, Music & More With DJ Whoo Kid

ifwt_common whoo kid

Common was the latest guest on the Whoolyhood Shuffle, swinging through Whoo Kid’s spot on Shade 45 to talk music, movies and more. Find out what he’s been up to in the interview below. Marisa Mendez

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(Photo) Epic Throwback Pic Of Diddy Partying With Oprah, Pharrell, And More!


We all know Diddy parties with the best! He shared a throwback photo of him partying with Oprah, Pharrell and others. Crazy pic! Hit the jump to check it out. Melissa

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Tina Fey Says Twitter Sucks (Video)


Tina Fey gives her take on Twitter, and obviously shes not a fan of the social media network. In her words “Go write in a Journal” Check out the video after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(Photo) Oww! Michelle Obama Debuts A New ‘Do (In Her First-Ever Twitpic) For Her Birthday!

The First Lady, Michelle Obama

All new everything for the First Lady! Mrs. Obama celebrated her 49th birthday today by signing up for Twitter, sending out her first Twitpic AND switching up her hairstyle. And she’s looking good! Check out the new look in the gallery. Which do you prefer? Marisa Mendez

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(Video) Fitteds: @BigBoi x @New_Era_Caps


The homie Big Boi pays a visit at New Era in Chicago for a listening party of his latest solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Sir. Lucious Left Foot tells New Era and the Chi-town fans about his inspiration for the album and the importance of self-expression to his music. Check out the video after the jump… DJ JUANYTO

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(Photos) A Look Back At All Of Drake’s Ex-Girlfriends!


We all know that pretty much all of Drake’s songs are about the girls he’s been with… his list of women seems to be endless. If you’ve ever been curious about who the girls are hit the jump and check them out in the gallery! Melissa

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Auto: 13 Year Old Gets Mad At Parents, Drives Halfway Across Europe In A Benz


Teenagers are the same no matter where you go. They don’t like something mommy or daddy said and they throw a temper tantrum. Only exception in this case was the tantrum involved driving halfway across a continent! A boy in Italy who was adopted got into an argument with his adoptive parents. He waited for the right time and stole the keys to his father’s Mercedes and began his drive to Poland, to attempt to meet up with his biological sister. He only had about $270 on him and his passport. Somehow he actually crossed the borders of 2 countries on his way. I say somehow because it baffles me how authorities at the borders didn’t feel something was wrong when he did not have a drivers license and he looked like a little boy. He was finally pulled over in Germany, not too far from the Poland border. Once his parents realized what was going on they got in contact with authorities and the Mercedes had a tracking system, which is how German police found him. In a twist, it turns out the boy is a champion go kart racer and is really into cars, which could explain him having enough skills behind the wheel to drive that far. Some parents are too soft. I would of got beat beyond my worst dreams. He apologized and his parents understood. Great way to make sure he doesn’t do it again. IamJOE357

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(PHOTO) NBA: 20K Point Career Comparison Between LeBron James & Michael Jordan

MJ LeBron cover pic

LeBron James made history last night…twice.  He reached 20k points (youngest to do it) and 5k assists (to Dwyane Wade)  in the same night! Since everyone likes to compare him to Jordan, here’s a nice graphic comparing LeBron & Jordan on last nights big accomplishment. GameTimeGirl

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