Kicks: @Jumpman23 x Air Jordan 8 “Bugs Bunny” 2013

IFWT Air Jordan 8 "Bugs Bunny" 2013

2013 looks promising for some hot releases. Hit the jump to see the gallery… DJ JUANYTO

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(Video) Chilli Talks About Her Love Life And Possibly Reuniting With Usher!??


Chilli recently sat down with Wendy Williams and spoke about her love life as well as her professional life. When Wendy asked about Usher, Chilli said they broke up because of timing issues. Wendy then proceeded to ask about them getting back together and Chilli had an interesting answer! Click below to watch the interview. Melissa

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Dev Diary: Cyberpunk World


Last Week Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the best game trailer released in awhile. Learn about the game’s development and promising future in this dev diary for Cyberpunk 2077. This game does look more than promising . Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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NEW MUSIC: Aaliyah – Quit Hatin

Celebrating what would of been Aaliyah’s 34th Birthday yesterday, the individuals in charge of the late singer’s music decided to drop some unreleased material. Not sure if this is slated to appear on rumored Aaliyah album involving Drake but you can enjoy after the jump & give us your opinion. DJ RellyRell

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(Photo) Michael Jackson, You Are NOT The Father!


Michael Jackson is definitely rolling in his grave for this one. Michael’s ex-dermatologist is claiming that HE is the father of Prince Jackson. Dr. Arnie Klein took to his Facebook to make the claim- he posted an old photo of himself next to a recent photo Prince, with the caption “Hmmm”. Craziness! Click below for more details and to see his FB post. Melissa

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Auto: Being A Corrupt Cop Will Get You Killed In An Audi R8


Something about this story is beyond fishy. Nothing seems right about this accident scene until you realize the police force in South Africa is widely known for corruption, then it starts to make a little sense. As you can see from the pic, what USED to be an Audi R8 is in pieces scattered on the street. The driver of the Audi was pulled over for unknown reasons. At some point a police officer gets in the passenger seat, in full uniform, gun and all, which is 100% against policy according to a police spokesman. The driver at one point drives off with the cop STILL in the car with the police van following behind. If that doesn’t sound weird keep reading. Next the R8 starts to speed through the streets and eventually the driver loses control and hits a wall, a tree and a lamppost, which splits the car into 3 pieces and a bunch of smaller pieces. The driver and the cop inside died at the scene. Even though the car was destroyed, police still found some weed in the car. Combine that with the fact the police van followed the Audi the whole time as if everything was ok is leading many residents to believe the cop who died was trying to force a bribe from the driver and they were heading to an ATM. Now obviously I personally am not speculating on that, but from residents of the area who are used to police corruption, this story…

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NCAA: ‘Catfish’ Producer Looking Into Manti Te’o Hoax

Manti and GF cover pic

Looks like Deadspin is going to have some help looking into this whole Manti Te’o hoax mess. ‘Catfish’ Producer Nev Schulman tweeted that he will be looking into the hoax and will get the truth.  Damn, I hope someone does! Check out what he had to say to MTV about the situation and his tweet after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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Kicks: @NewBalance x 996 Made in USA “Color Pack”

IFWT New Balance 996 Made in USA "Colors Pack"

Check out the New Balance 996 Made in USA “Colors Pack”. Hit the jump for more info… DJ JUANYTO

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NEW MUSIC: Fabolous Feat. Chris Brown – Ready

fabolous-art feat

Produced by The Runners, Fab positions “Loso’s Way II” properly enlisting Chris Brown for his new single’s hook. Check out below. DJ RellyRell

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(Video) NBA: Check Out Nike’s New Kobe 8 Commercial – #COUNTONKOBE @kobebryant

IFWT_Count on Kobe

Count on the sun to shine. Count on the rain to fall. Count on snakes to bite. Count on grass to grow. Count your blessings. Count on Kobe. Check out the new campaign from Nike #CountonKobe & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

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