RIM Willing to Pay Android Dev’s Up To $2000 For Ported Apps


  Android devs can make a killing this weekend but porting their apps to RIM can make up to $2000. Rim is calling it a “BlackBerry 10 Last Chance Port-A-Thon” so Android devs looking to make a quiet buck can port their app directly to RIM. How it works For every app approved by RIM by a dev RIM will pay that dev $100 with a max of 20 apps.   The Port-A-Thon started today at noon and will run until the next 36 hours.  This also coincides with RIM’s 15k app submission, so RIM is working around the clock to get things going for BB10 at launch.   YungJohnnybravo x TatWZA

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“Ooops!!! I left 2 Guns In My Son’s Back?!?!”


I bet it’s not hard to guess what might happen when a 7 Year Old who is bullied, takes 2 guns to school. Check out the full story after the jump. AliTheGreatest

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Kicks: @NewBalance x 577 – Grey/Burgundy/Blue

IFWT New Balance 577 Grey/Burgundy/Blue

Check out the new New Balance 577 in Grey, Burgundy and, Blue. Hit the jump to see the gallery… DJ JUANYTO

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NBA:(Photo) D-Wade Got A Very EXPENSIVE Birthday Gift


Ahh, to live the life of a celebrity athlete definitely has it’s perks. Expensive things that you are able to afford usually wind up costing you nothing, what a life right? Dwyane Wade woke up today to a very pleasant surprise in his driveway. A Nice cherry red McLaren!! He put the pic up on instagram with the caption “Wow..woke up from my nap to this!! McLaren in my driveway. An amazing 31st bday gift from #thecollection”. He actually spelled it “Mclauren” but we will give him a pass on the spelling. Check the gallery above for the photo collage of the ride from his instagram. IamJOE357

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Kicks: @Nike x SB Dunk High Pro – Birch – Hyper Red

IFWT Nike SB Dunk High Pro Birch Hyper Red

Check out the new Nike SB Dunk. Hit the jump to read up and see the galley…. DJ JUANYTO

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Al Gore Cashes Out On Apple Stock Options, Makes $29 Million In 1 Day


Former vice President Al Gore just cashed out literally. Mr. Gore just purchased a large amount of Apple stock by exercising his Apple stock options. The exercise lets Al Gore purchase 59,000 shares of stock from Apple at the going price of $7.475 a share which brings his grand total to about $441,000 . And with shares a hair under $500 the shares he now owns are worth a whopping $29.5 million. Gore still has 61,574 he can still exercise..What a come up. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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Oprah’s Lance Armstrong Interview Brings In 3.2 Million Viewers To OWN !!!

Lance Armstrong

Viewers predictably flocked to OWN for Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lance Armstrong, in which the banned cyclist fulfilled a week’s worth of media coverage about his admission to doping. A whopping 3.2 million viewers watched Thursday’s broadcast of Oprah’s Next Chapter, OWN’s flagship series of interviews with the titular host. The haul fell just 300,000 viewers shy of the series (and network) record.Another 1.1 million viewers tuned in to a 10:30 p.m. encore, giving the interview a total of 4.3 million for the night! Read more below. Russ B

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Sports: NBA & NFL Trash Talk! Funny!!


Your favorite trash talking video is back again. Thanks to itsreal85 for continuing to make these hilarious joke videos that be having everyone dying laughing. This one is especially funny. Check the video below. IamJOE357

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Tech Talk Spotlight: Check Out Todays 1/18/13 Top @Viddy Videos Apps


Check out today’s top Viddy vids Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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InFlexWeTrust.com Presents Dipset Diplomatic Immunity 10th Anniversary At BB Kings On Monday March 25th!!


Buy Tickets Here BB Kings 237 West 42 St New York, NY 10036 Funk Flex

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