Leaked Photos Of Blackberry L-Series OS

Blackberry Store

We already had a tasty treat of leaked photos of the hardware RIM has prepared for Q1. Now we’re getting a deeper look into the OS and how it will function. What Twitter will look like, Call Log, Menu, etc. and we have exclusive pics all right here! Photo gallery after the jump Tat Wza

(Fellas Check The Pics) The Sexiest Mirror Flicks Of The Day!!!


Check out these sexy girls and their sexy mirror flicks. Clicks below to see the pics. DJTECH4

Tech Talk News: Instagram Changes It’s Privacy Policy


Things will be changing over at Instagram, the social media company will be changing their privacy policy which will allowthem to share data with Facebook. Now according to IG’s blog site the change should be taking place Jan. 16. Now according to IG users will still have full control of their photos in their account, which I don’t believe since we know how Facebook rolls. So Spammers beware of the new privacy laws, since Facebook is now involved look to get banned quicker than usual from IG. This should also explain the reason why IG took away their pic options on Twitter, as we know Twitter is filled with spammers. Instagram is looking for users to visit the site instead. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Instagram DAMN! [#MirrorMonday Edition]


Fellas check out these random hotties on IG showing off their goodies in the mirror! DJTech4

Kicks: Nike Air Command Force “McFly” @pkstudios12 Customs


Have you ever seen a dope “McFly” Custom like the Peculiar Kinetics has cooked up? PK Studios has transformed  Nike Air Command Force to have the complete look with the key LED bottom. It was also noted that this custom received some aid from others. To read more check out the pics… DJ JUANYTO

(Video) Mac Miller Covers Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely”


Mac Miller is definitely growing as an artist, showing off newer sides of his musical talents in the the more recent months. Even just a few hours ago, he released a new track “Doodling In The Key Of C Sharp” where he shows off his pianist skills, and now he releases a video with the same idea. In this one, he covers Stevie Wonder’s classic “Isn’t She Lovely,” and not only shows off what he can do on a piano, but what he can do with is voice outside of just rapping. It’s pretty dope! Check him out below. Marisa Mendez

NervEight Provides New Mobile Platform for NEW Artists

NervEight Logo

NervEight teamed up with YourPartyHubVK, The Fourth Coming, Larro’s Kitchen and Catering, Think Before You Ink, andBushmills Irish Whiskey to celebrate the launch of the new NervEight mobile app (available on iPhone and Android). The app provides a mobile platform for all genres of music to be HEARD, CRITIQUED, and PROMOTED. Jump for the full story Tat Wza

NFL: Victor Cruz Commits To Helping Newton, CT Victim’s Family

IFWT_Cruz cleats tribute

As everyone around the world is still trying to cope & make sense out of the Newton, CT tragedy, Victor Cruz is doing his part in trying to give back. If you watched the game yesterday, you may have noticed that Cruz used his cleats and gloves to pay tribute to Jack Pinto who was one of those murdered on Friday.  Cruz was the favorite player of the young 6-year old Giants fan and will be buried in Cruz’s jersey. Victor Cruz is planning on helping the family going forward. GameTimeGirl

(Video) Behind The Scenes: Trinidad James – One More Molly

ifwt_trinidad james puppy

Popped a molly, he’s sweatin’! Woo! Karen Civil was on set of the $2 million man‘s new video “One More Molly” recently (clearly he’s running with this theme…LOL), and captured a behind the scenes look at the Pheed House in L.A. Get turnt up with the gold, the ladies and of course Trinidad James below. Marisa Mendez

Tech Talk Gaming: Vote For Bioshock Infinite’s Alternate Cover


    When the cover art for Bioshock Infinite was released the general public were not fans of the art, some felt the cover was very generic and appeased the masses and not the loyal fans. So to make up for the bad cover the creators have gone out on a limb and now fans are able to vote for an alternate cover on their poll site. After the break check out the options of Alt covers fans get to vote for. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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