Justin Bieber Files Harassment Suit After High Speed Chase

justin bieber ifwt

Justin Bieber was involved in a high speed chase two days ago through the L.A. freeway. According to Beibs, paparazzi were chasing him, serving in and out of traffic, and riding the shoulder to catch a picture of him. The singer says that one particular pap was more aggressive than others that he’s encountered and now he’s going to file a harassment suit. Read more below.


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NFL: Club Says Vikings’ Adrian Peterson Was Wasted & Pushed a Cop Leading to Arrest

IFWT Adrian Peterson 2

Adrian Peterson was heavily intoxicated at the time of his arrest, which was very out of character for the NFL star … this according to the club where he was busted early this morning.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

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Tech Talk Gaming: Capcom Says DLC Coming July 31th For Street Figter x Tekken


Street Figter x Tekken fans can rejoice as Capcom has announced their will be DLC available on July 31th with 12 new characters.  The 12 new characters will bring the games roster to 50.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(Fellas Check The Video) Give These Ladies A Round Of Applause!!!


Check out this video of two women with big ol’ bottoms. Round of applause baby make that a** clap. Click below to see the video.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Another Reason Why People Are Obsessed With Sex


Here are the reasons why people are obsessed with sex. Click below to see the pics.


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(Video) Snake Tried To Eat A Baby’s Foot In His Crib!


A neighbor’s python slithered into their neighbor’s son’s crib and attempted to take his foot off. In the middle of the night William Winan’s father ran to him while he was crying and found the snake constricting around his foot and immediately attempted to save the baby.  Hit the jump for the details.
Steph Bassanini

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(Video) Exotic Fish Found In Illinois Lake That Chews Off Men’s Genitals!


A weird and exotic fish by the name of Pacu has been found in a lake in Illinois, known for chewing off men’s genitals and killing them.  At first when found it was thought to be a piranha, then discovered to be this “ballcutter.” People, especially men were warned to stay out of the lake! Hit the jump.

Steph Bassanini

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Teacher’s Topless Photos Circulate Among Her Students!

ifwt-teacher cover

A teacher at the Harrow School in England was contemplating suicide after some topless photos of her were circulating among her students and then ended up on a newspaper.  She was a former model, but never wanted this to happen to her.  She now tells her side of story after some time about the pics and how easily a lost memory stick and the internet ruined her career. Hit the jump.

Steph Bassanini

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(Photo) Spike Lee Is Finished With Michael Jackson Documentary


Spike Lee has been shooting a Michael Jackson documentary for a while now. It’s called BAD 25 and it’s finally finish. Check out his final pic after wrapping the shoot after the jump.

Gernique N

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Kicks: @UNDEFEATEDinc x @Puma Present the Clyde Neoprene


The sporty Puma inspired by spring tinted winter jackets from the late ‘90s. Check out more pics after the jump….


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