(Photos) Oh My Goodness! Selma Blair Is SCARY-Skinny After Breakup (Like, 80lbs!)

Actress Selma Blair pre-breakup

Breakups are never an easy thing to go through, and some women end up losing a ton of weight due to loss of appetite from stress. This can also go the opposite way, with many women gaining weight with overeating due to the same stress. Actress Selma Blair split up with Jason Bleick, the father of her child, back in September, and it appears that she’s taken the first route of loss of appetite. Nutrifit CEO Jackie Keller tells Radar Online she estimates her weight to be 75 to 80 lbs! That’s horrible for someone who’s 5’3″! Check out the photos in the gallery of her outing with her son on Sunday. Hopefully she’ll soon get back on a more healthy path. Marisa Mendez

Alicia Keys Is Being Sued For What !?!?


Alicia Keys is being sued for being on fire. Maybe unknowingly (we don’t know), Keys had taken a TWO SECOND snippet of the popular 70s hit, “Hey There Lonely Girl,” by Eddie Holman. A blogger who noticed the ‘steal’, wrote that there is a line from Keys’s current hit, “Girl On Fire” that came from the old school jam, and she didn’t accredit it to the proper writers. Within the blog, Roger Friedman (blogger) stated, “The song was written by Leon Carr and Earl Shuman, who are both gone to rock and roll heaven.” Shuman who is so ALIVE wrote Friedman and thanked him for noticing the stolen bit. Keys is being hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit by Shuman. We’ll see how this goes for the piano playing talent. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

IFWT Presents: T.I’s 25 Favorite Cars!


Growing up we learn car names and styles like the back of our hands. Here we have T.I and his 25 favorite cars (in no particular order). T.I keeps the majority of his pics classic in the old school categories(cars that don’t lose value when you drive them off the lot). Click below to check out Tip’d favorite cars. WiL Major

Tech Talk Gaming: Gamer Calls For “Cease Fire” For Online Shooter Games

Best Shooter

A gamer is calling for a cease fire for one day after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook last week Friday. The gamer would like gamers to give FPS (first person shooters) a break for one day.  The gamer Pearman said “just put your controller down and show your love”  The cause of the shooting was’nt video games but the gamer feels in respect of the sitiuation, that would pay respects to the fallen victims.  On his Facebook page he also said ” Instead, “I’m asking for a demonstration of peace — the one thing that money can’t buy,” Pearman said in a video message, which you can watch after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(VIDEO) NBA: Lol, LeBron James Pops A Molly & Sweats!


I’m not understanding this whole Trinidad James fascination, but apparently LeBron James is. Check out Bron Bron as he pops a molly and sweats. Woo! Check the video after the jump… GameTimeGirl

Multi-Platform Smartphone Security Checklist


The FCC is all about security and protection of personal information. Required on almost all devices, manufacturers put settings into the phone that will allow you to customize certain securities of the device. Often times, users wouldn’t think twice about ‘Virus’ protection on a smart phone or tablet. Its almost not even considered a real threat, because of the exclusivity of the issue. Very rare, and unique how a mobile virus would find its way into your smartphone but it is possible. Security Checklist approved by FCC after the jump. Tat Wza

IFWT Wishes Katie Holmes A Happy Birthday!

ifwt_katie holmes

Happy birthday, Katie! We wish you many more! Marisa Mendez & IFWT

Nas Will Be Auctioning Off What For Charity ???


If you would like to place your bid check out CharityBuzz. The “Illmatic” spitter has hooked up with the site to auction off a meet && greet as well as 2 tickets for his concert on Dec. 31st happening in NYC. The money will be put towards, Madison Square Garden’s Garden of Dreams Foundation, which helps kids develop and pursue their dreams. While doing that they get to meet some of the industry’s top named celebs. Good for you Nas. Always been a positive role model. #RESPECT. You have eight days left to bid and the price is currently at $300 so, drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Meek Mill’s Top Albums Of 2012

meek mill mm

Rap-Up TV caught up with Meek Mill over the weekend, an artist who’s had quite a stellar year with the success of his debut album, Dreams & Nightmares. Aside from his own stuff, Meek has been bumping a handful of other artists’ albums as well. Find out who he rocks with below. Marisa Mendez

(Video) @NewBalance Shows How There Sneaker Are Built.

This New Balance short video of a step-by-step manufacturing process for a pair of New Balance’s 577 Farmers’ Market shoes. New Balance calls the piece “The Heart and Sole of Flimby”. This is something we see on the History Ch or Discovery Ch but this a detail video with out narrator. Pretty tough! The sneaker was Inspired by Farmers’ markets from around the UK. Another cool sneaker fact after the jump when you watch the video..  DJ JUANYTO

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