(Fellas Check The Pics!) Start The Day With Some CRAZY Cakes!


Fellas check out these random hotties showing off their cakes to start your day off just right! DJTech4

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Lindsay Lohan’s Getting Serious With Her New Boo…He Took Her Home To Meet The Fam!


Despite the fact she’s two fries short of a happy meal, Lindsay Lohan is going strong with her new boo, singer Max George from The Wanted. Though he reportedly didn’t like her and left with someone else after a concert in November, it seems they’ve worked things out…as Max recently took Linds home to meet his family! Details below. Marisa Mendez

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(Video) Slum Village – “Decadence” x “How It Feel”


This fun video makes me want to go paintballing. The fellas of Slum Village have some paintball battle going on. Dirty Slums 2 drops January 29th! See the video below! Biz Baby

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I Bet Stevie Is Wondering Why He Has To Pay This Amount Of Money For Taxes !!!


I thought that this was extremely funny. Our beloved “Ribbon In The Sky” singer has received a tax lien for $40. YES, four zero. Who’s NOT paying the bills STEVIE ??? The silly part is that the penalties of the tax lien is more than the tax lien itself, totaling $98. Stevie owes Uncle Same $138. Why would they even send that bill out? Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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NFL: Damn! Chad Johnson Goes Off On Twitter Follower That Insults Evelyn Lozada!

Chad and Evelyn Cover Pic

I don’t even know why Chad would responds to this guys’ tweet (although he’s never been one to hold his tongue)!  There’s always going to be someone that is just a hater and here’s a perfect example. Some guy tweeted Chad Johnson about Evelyn Lozada and Chad fired back at him. I wanna say good for Chad, but I feel like this kid is just getting free publicity off of it. Check out the tweet & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

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Ann Romney Turns Down Dancing With The Stars


In what may have been the Romney’s last bit of spotlight, would-be First Lady Ann Romney has turned down an offer for a spot on the popular show, Dancing With The Stars. She was actually “very interested” when originally approached, as she was a big fan of the show. Ultimately after talks with producers and several meetings, it turned out to be a no-go. A rep for Romney told TMZ, “Ann Romney was approached, but she declined. She will not be appearing on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’” Marisa Mendez

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New Atari Book Details The Company’ History

A new book dedicated to Atari’s history, has just been released to the public. The book was will detail the gaming companies history and how the company was ran, all in 800-pages. The book took 8 years of research to get all the info the books writers needed. The book starts during the early days of atari when it was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972 and its rise to dominance. If your interested in the book Atari fans can preview the book at the Amazon. The book is on sale for $39.99. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(Video) WOW !!! Guy Caught On Camera Shooting Another After Club Fight !!!


This S**t is getting really old. You can’t even go out and enjoy yourself any more because motherf****s is trigger happy. A fight broke out between some chicks inside of Empire nightclub in Hollywood and was then moved outside. All hell broke lose when one fight turned into two and two turned into dudes fighting and dudes fighting turned into a trigger happy murderer. He pulled out the gun, shot a guy twice and then someone rolled over the victim with their car (mistakenly, I don’t know). Stop the Violence !!! Drop down bottom and take a look at the video. JaaiR (JR)

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(Video) Fabolous & French Montana At Carmelo Sneaker Launch


Knicks all star Camelo Anthony dropped his sneaker ‘Melo M9’ last night at Cipriani Club 55 in NY. Melo had Fab and French perform — see the footage caught last night below! Biz Baby x GameTimeGirl

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony’s Been Doing What For The Past 15 Days? Reason For Poor Play?!


C’mon Melo!  Now isn’t the time for this.  Carmelo Anthony has been getting off to slow starts the past few games, including Sunday when he started 1-of-10 from the floor against the Hornets.  So why the poor play?!  Find out after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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