(Photos) Nicki Minaj Likes To WHAT?!?

Nicki Minaj sb

Nicki Minaj is an eccentric barbie doll, but that doesn’t mean she is a complete diva! She took it Twitter to tell her followers that she loves to bake! Yes, the barb herself loves to throw it down in the kitchen and whip up some brownies LOL, she probably inspired a few of her followers to whip something up today too . Hit the jump for her hilarious directions on how to make her famous brownies. Steph B

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NFL Divisional Playoffs Start Today, Check the Schedule & Preview

IFWT_NFL playoffs

The Ravens defeating the Colts and the Seahawks defeating the Redskins had some pretty exciting moments last week, aside from that the Wild Card games were pretty blah.  This weekend however marks the beginning of the Divisional round and we have some goodies in store.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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CBS Wants Another Season Of ‘Two And A Half Men’ With Angus. T. Jones !!!

Angus Jones

CBS wants to proceed with an 11th season of “Two and a Half Men” and would like Angus T. Jones to be part of it.Jones’ future on the popular sitcom came into question after he slammed “Two and a Half Men” on a viral YouTube video in November. But CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler says all is forgiven. “The kid’s 19 years old. I have a 24-year-old. Between the ages of 19 and 24, there are plenty of things my kid has said that I wish he hadn’t,” Tassler told reporters Saturday after her executive media session at the Television Critics Association press tour. Russ B

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(Video) 5 Maury Moments That Will Have You Dying!!!


Maury has many awkward moments on his show, ones that are unbelievable, but certainly makes us laugh! If you are having a bad day, hit the jump this may uplift your spirits! Either your life is better than the people in the following videos or you may just want a good laugh. Steph B

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Kicks: @Jumpman23 x Air Jordan 13 “Bred” – Release Reminder

IFWT Air Jordan 13 "Bred"

1998 was a magical year. Even more so when the Air Jordan 13 released. Hit the jump to read more info and see more of the gallery… IamJAYBOON

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(Video)Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Believes There Was Another Guman That Killed JFK.

jfk sb

Remember the tragic moment that JFK was shot in the head in front of thousands of people and it was caught on camera?  That very moment sparked up so many different conspiracy ideas and in the end was blamed on Lee Harvey Oswald.  Decades later his nephew RFK Jr.  has come forth to say that those claims were wrong and there was a second gunman in the shooting.  Although he did not say exactly what he thinks happened, is he hiding something he knows?  hit the jump for the video  of JFK’s assassination about 50 years ago. Steph B

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NBA: New Buyer Emerges That Would Keep the Kings in Sacramento

IFWT Sacramento Kings

There was a report about the Sacramento Kings owners the Maloof family finalizing a deal to sell the team to a Seattle led group.  While that excited many who missed having a basketball franchise in Seattle, you have to remember it’s the Maloof family and well nothing is ever finalized.  It turns out a new buyer has emerged that might keep the team in Sacramento.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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Megan Fox Joins AND Quits Twitter All In Just One Week!! LMAO

megan fox post baby

Megan Fox was on Twitter? The gorgeous “Transformers” actress, joined the social networking website on January 4 but, 5 days later, had already decided there was no point to it. “I’m incredibly late to the party but I’m here nonetheless, so what now?” the star began her short-lived tweeting “career” by saying. A week later, she still hadn’t found out what she was supposed to do next, after tweeting about the live-size R2D2 in her home, urging her followers to see her new movie “This Is 40” and retweeting a few facts. “5 days on Twitter and I have yet to discern it’s purpose. #WhatIsThePoint ???” the actress wrote before going on complete radio silence. LMAO Russ B

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Kicks: @Jumpman23 x Rumor Round Up x Air Jordan 11 Retro – Holiday Release

IFWT Air Jordan 11 Rumor

Holiday season is always a sensitive issue. Hit the jump to hear the rumors circulating around. Hit the jump to see more…. IamJAYBOON

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(Video) Love & Hip Hop Episode 2 Preview With Jen, Consequence & Winter,


The first episode of “Love & Hip Hop” season 3 focused on Joe Budden, Tahiry, Yandy, and Olivia but didn’t really show Jen the Pen, Consequence and Winter. In episode two, we meet Jen, Con, and Winter and find out about Winter’s forthcoming book as well as which rapper really pushed her to write the book. It looks like during this season, we will be watching Winter’s book release as well as the ups and downs of Jen and Cons’ relationships as well as Jen getting back to work. Check out a preview for the forthcoming season below. Julie A.

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