(Photo) French Montana Hits The Studio With Someone We Haven’t Heard From In A MINUTE!

French Montana

A certain producer has been MIA for a minute now, after his super successful period around 2006/2007. Drugs are rumored to be the main reason for his absence, leading to the sale of his beautiful Miami mansion and his famous yacht. But it looks like he’s back to business now, as French Montana hit the studio with him last night to work on a track on his forthcoming debut album, Excuse My French. Find out who in the gallery! Marisa Mendez

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DAMN! Well, After This — We KNOW Kanye Definitely Wears The Pants In The Relationship!


We ALL know if Kim K was having this baby all by herself, the decisions made for this baby would be the total opposite of what’s going on now! Last news about the baby being in the public eye was that the couple nixed the idea of the baby on the show (other than when he/she is actually IN her stomach) but now.. they’re turning down offers we know Kim would’ve never turned down on her own! We know Kanye changed Kim’s whole wardrobe and appearance, but maybe he’s actually changing her ways too! See what happened below.. Biz Baby

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Amazon Adds A&E to It’s Prime Service


If your a Amazon Prime customer you have many benefits that normal Amazon customers don’t. One of the big benefits was the videos Amazon is offering on the Prime service. Amazon Prime is looking to beef up their video since they are direct competitors of Netflix and Hulu. And to continue to build their video library Amazon added A&E to their service. Customers will be able to stream the channel on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other devices. If you ever considered to join Amazon Prime the yearly cost for the service is $79. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(Photos) Aww!! From The Looks Of It, Kim Kardashian Might REALLY Be Ready To Be A Mommy!


With all the trash talk said about Kim & accusations about her ALREADY predicted to be a bad mother – the world might be wrong after all. Sure, she says a lot of silly things sometimes, and even makes some stupid decisions.. at the end of the day she’s still human. By the looks of the photos below, Kim K might ACTUALLY be ready for motherhood. We can only hope for the best, and we really hope she doesn’t mess with Kanye’s heart. But on that note a new album wouldn’t be too bad! Ha! All jokes aside, see the photos below.. it might actually make you a believer. Biz Baby

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NFL: Chad Johnson May Not Have A Job, But Check Out How Much Money He’s Still Making!!


Really, this is none of our business.  I hate counting other people’s pockets, BUT I still can’t help to check it out when the information is put in front of me! Yes, Chad Johnson may be out of an NFL job, but the guy is still handling his biz!  Check out what he’s making per month, what assets he has & some of his monthly expenses… GameTimeGirl

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(Video *Warning MUST Be 18+ To View*) WHOA!! Man Caught On Tape Having Sex & Cheating On His Wife!


Can’t tell if the video is real or staged, but the ACTIONS are definitely real. I would definitely react 983902092x worse than his wife did. See the 18 & older footage below. Biz Baby

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(Photos) NBA: Competition For Vanessa?! Check Out Who Kobe’s First Follow on Twitter Was!

Kobe Twitter cover pic

Everyone’s had a close eye on Kobe since he joined Twitter and why not?  Most of us have been waiting for a while for the Black Mamba to get back on Twitter. He’s up to over 500,000 followers and tweeted 9 times since joining on Friday, but what stood out to people?  He was only following 6 people as of late last night (now up to 23) and who was the first person he followed?  A female.  A famous female athlete.  Is she competition for Vanessa? Find out who it is after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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LMAO! Aye! Want To Chill With Justin Bieber? He Has Some SERIOUS Rules He’s Enforcing! ..He Owns You!!


After his maryjane photo, I definitely saw this coming! It’s a smart move, I just think it’s weird how it’s all rolling out. If you want to chill with JB? Ha, there might be some rules that come along with it. You know how that photo was taken of Justin? If you want to hang with him, those type of shenanigans can’t happen anymore! I wonder if the guy/girl who took the photos of JB smoking were sneaking to take them or just freely throwing up their smart phone to take the pic. Either way, the way it’s angled, Justin should be able to figure out or have an idea who it was …awkward! Well, if that situation happened now — there’s way more stricter rules. Find out what’s (trying) to be enforced now. Biz Baby

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(Video) Snooki Has An Announcement!


For those who care, Snooki is starting her very own Q&A segment. She loves her fans so much that she promises a weekly video on her personal website. She says, “I’m making this video because you guys are so amazing with your comments on this website. I have never seen so much positive feedback in my life and all your positive comments just make me really happy!” See the video below! Biz Baby

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(Video) NBA: Oh My!! LeBron James Gets A Handful!!

IFWT_LeBron Tom

During Friday night’s game against the Bulls, LeBron James fell out of bounds into Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau and boy did he get a handful! Lol. Twitter had fun with it, so we thought we’d share. We know … it was all innocent, but still funny (in a childish way) nonetheless. Check out the video after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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