(Video) NFL: Nick Lachey Accused Of Choking Fan At Chargers Game; Nick Tweets About Altercation!

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Yesterday there were reports that Nick Lachey was kicked out of the Chargers game for heckling.  He even tweeted braging about being kicked out of the game.  Now the story has taken a turn for the worse and is accused of much more than just heckling.  Nick then took to Twitter again to kind of explained his side of the story. GameTimeGirl

IFWT Wishes Chinx Drugz A Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Chinx! We wish you many more! Marisa Mendez & IFWT

(Photo) Halle Berry Heads Out Without Makeup…Hot Or Not?!

Halle Berry with makeup

Halle Berry is gorgeous, but we all know makeup absolutely enhances one’s features! Is she just as pretty without all the extras? Check her out au natural in the gallery and let us know your thoughts! Marisa Mendez

Barefoot Homeless Guy That Police Helped Out Is Not Really Homeless !?!?


This story went viral, FAST! Jeffrey Hillman is his name, and playing homeless is his game. Let me start off by saying that, Officer Lawrence DePrimo did a very generous deed for someone. I’m not going to take that moment away from him. Hillman, on the other hand has been in transitional housing for about three years now, getting help from section 8, and other various agencies. Panhandling in the streets of New York City as if he doesn’t have a place to go. It’s been said that he has turned down some help. FOR WHAT???!!! There are actually people out here who need the help and would love to be in his HOME position. I believe that his brain waves need to be studied, because he is a former veteran. He had seen some things in his day and it has affected his current state of mind. Now, I want to know – WHERE ARE THE SHOES??? Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Tech Talk Game Reminder: Far Cry 3 Released


I know all the major releases are out, but Far Cry 3 might be considered a major release since its dropping a few weeks before Christmas. The game dropped today, if you still unsure on whether if this is worth a pick up, after the break check out actual game-play. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

New Albums In Stores & Online Today, 12/4/12 … Wiz Khalifa, Ke$ha & More!

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Looking for some new music to add to your iPod? IFWT has you covered! Below, find purchase links to today’s hottest releases, as well as Amazon and iTunes links to search for more! Marisa Mendez

NFL: Chilling NEW Details Revealed In The Last Hours For Jovan Belcher & Girlfriend


Wow, I just saw this on ESPN and got chills.  New details emerged regarding the murder-suicide involving Jovan Belcher.  The Kansas City Star has an exclusive story about details of what exactly happened including what Jovan did after he shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, what he said to his mother, what he said to Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli and what he did right before he shot & killed himself. Such a sad story. GameTimeGirl

(Video) OMG!! FELLAS… Never Pull This Prank On Your Girlfriend, She May NEVER Forgive You!!


POOR GIRL! Payback is a b*tch, but this was extreme! This boyfriend was trying to get back at his girl for putting SAND in his sandwich by putting a hot pepper extract in her sushi. Mind you, not sauce, EXTRACT. It’s only an ingredient, cannot be eaten alone. As the boyfriend was placing it in the sushi, he had GLOVES on just to prevent it from hitting his skin. The extract is the 7th hottest in the world, 1000x more hot and powerful than tobasco hot sauce on the market. 1 drop per gallon of sauce. 100x hotter than a jalapeño. This video was so hilariously sad. You see her getting so red, oh man.. don’t pull THIS type of revenge on your girl – at least let her breathe!! I was scared for her myself! Check out the crazy footage after the jump!!! Biz Baby

Digital Touch Screen Thermostat


As technology moves further into the future, we call on more house-hold items to get a new age update. Coffee pots, stoves, refrigerators.. almost every item has been updated and grouped with some high tech features. With a major push for energy consumption, 130 employees from Palo Alto, CA have devoted their hard work and ideas to develop Nest’s 2nd-gen learning thermostat. Hit the jump for video and pics… Tat Wza

IFWT Wishes Jay-Z A Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday, Hov! We wish you many more! Marisa Mendez & IFWT

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