Tech Talk Gaming: Pong Turns 40


On November 29, 1972  Atari announced its very first arcade game Pong. Pong is considered the video games industrry  very first hit arcade game.  Pong was then released onto the Magnavox Odyssey, and then making it again making it the very first hit arcade to home system game. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

RHOA’s Phaedra Parks’ Grandmother Passes Away


We would like to send our deepest condolences out to The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s reality star, Phaedra Parks. Her grandmother Hazel L. Meadows, has passed away at the blessed age of 95. Phaedra released a short statement to Peep the statement after the jump Quay

New Music: The Game Ft. Nipsey Hussle-Judas Closet


Last night to celebrate his birthday, The Game released a track featuring Nipsey Hussle. The record didn’t make it to his album, Jesus Piece, but clearly sticks to the same theme. “Judas Closet” is produced by Timbaland. Listen below. Julie A.

NJ Bridge Collapses Causing Train Carrying Toxic Chemicals To Derail


A bridge in New Jersey collapsed earlier this morning causing a train carrying toxic chemicals to derail and spill into a creek which leads to the Delaware River. The bridge collapse too place in Paulsboro, NJ and sent more than one train off the tracks. One train holds six cars, four of which are carrying a highly toxic and flammable substance called vinyl chlorid. So far no serious injuries have been reported, but people are being treated for respiratory issues. Read more below. Julie A.

New Creative Director Of Balenciaga Is Who ???

Alexander Wang - Backstage - Fall 2010 MBFW

Balenciaga is known as the big priced and even bigger named fashion company, with Nicolas Ghesquière as creative director. Well, today is Nicolas Ghesquière’s last day and taking his place will be none other than, Alexander Wang. Wang has been in the fashion game for some time now. A couple months ago, Wang had released the Men’s 2012 Fall line commercial with A$AP Rocky in it. This guy’s touched bases with a lot of genres. Respect! Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Tyler Perry Hit With $225,000 Lawsuit, Accused of Stealing Movie Idea


Another day, another lawsuit. This lawsuit is involving Tyler Perry and the movie “Good Deeds”. Terri Donald, an american author, has sued Tyler for allegedly basing the film on her book, “Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit.” Read more after the jump Quay

(Video) ‘Amish Mafia’ Trailer


Amish Mafias are apparently a real thing. When I heard that a new show was being developed about the mafia, I really thought it was a joke or at least not a reality TV show. After the success of TLC’s “Breaking Amish”, the Discovery Channel has decided to dabble into the Amish world. Now, there’s a trailer for the upcoming show that proves that the Amish Mafia really does exist. The leader of the mob is a Mennonite, who isn’t exactly Amish but can live in the Amish and non-Amish community. The men use cars, cell phones, guns, cameras, and more to handle their dirty work. The Amish Church has denounced the Amish Mafia claiming it doesn’t exist. Watch the trailer for the show below. Julie A.

(PHOTOS) MLB: UH-OH! Holiday Pounds?! Derek Jeter Gaining Too Much Weight?!

Jeter cover pic

It looks like someone’s been enjoying the holidays too much! Lol.  Derek Jeter is still recovering from breaking his ankle in the playoffs, but he was spotted in Miami looking a lil heavy.  I don’t think this is something we need to worry about (crossing my fingers), but if he can’t work out due to the injury, he needs to cut back on the food! You know the NY Post had to make fun of him.  Check out the pics & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

Can This Frog Beat You At This Game???


Have a talented pet? People are always training their animal-companions to do impressive things. This is just insane though! This dude has one talented frog. Hit the jump for video Tat Wza

Tech Talk News: America’s Worst Mobile Carrier is ????

ifwt question marks mm

And America’s least favorite wireless carrier is drum roll please…….Is At&t , no surprise here I’ve heard the complainants and bad service has, especially in NY. At&t got low scores in both voice and text service quality. And I thought Sprint was bad.. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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