NCAA: Student Sent Home For Having This Haircut!


Johnny Manziel aka “Johnny Football” the freshman quarterback from Texas A&M University who is widely considered as the front runner to win the Heisman trophy as college football’s best player has been having quite the impact off the field as well. He has developed a cult following with his great play and entertaining style. This week a high school student in Texas was sent home from school and told not to come back until he cut his hair, after having the image of Manziel cut into his hair. Check the gallery above for the pic. IamJOE357

New XBOX To Drop When ??

IFWT_Xbox Headquarters

We heard news from Xbox headquarters regarding new features and specs of their new machine. Said to release close to a year after the Wii, sales are clearly calling for a new machine. Although still a high selling product, sold more units than new Wii console this thanksgiving weekend, users have made it very clear they’re ready and its time for new equipment. Hit the jump, looks like we got a date. Tat Wza

Tech Talk News: Microsoft Surface R/T No Longer Selling


So the numbers are pouring in for Microsoft’s Surface r/t Tablet and there not good. The word is the reason Microsoft  announced their Surface pro was the units being moved by R/T were’nt good enough and the orders were’nt coming like Microsoft expected.  So pretty much the Surface R/T bombed. Once again Apple wins. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(Check The Pics!!) Damn! Kim Kardashian In A Sexy White Dress Giving Us An Eyeful..

Kim K

Kim K never fails to impress.. check out her bizarre dress in the gallery! Biz Baby

NEW MUSIC: Wiz Khalifa Ft. Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose – Rise Above

ifwt_wiz khalifa mm

With O.N.I.F.C. arriving Tuesday, Wiz Khalifa drops another track with Pharrell, Tuki Carter and wifey Amber Rose. Check it out after the jump! Biz Baby

MLB: Yankees Throw $10 Million At Rivera!


The Yankees just LOVE to overpay aging players who are past their prime. Earlier this week they paid Andy Pettitte $12 million to come back for 1 more season. Early this morning they agreed to re-sign Mariano Rivera to a 1 year $10 million dollar deal. Now don’t get me wrong, both of these guys are future hall of fame players who have done great things during their careers, but eventually like an old family pet, you have to put a legend down with love. The Yankees did pretty well last season with limited help from Pettitte and pretty much no help from Rivera who missed most of the season with a knee injury. The Yankees however never seem to care about throwing millions of dollars at old players. This past season they had the oldest roster in baseball based on the average age of their players. If they keep doing this eventually they will need to spend money on walkers for the players and AARP memberships. Click after the jump. IamJOE357

DAMN! Lindsay Lohan Drinks HOW MUCH Vodka Per Day?! That’s Why She Was Arrested For Assault!

Lindsay Lohan

It all makes sense now. Her drinking problem is now “out of control.” It’s been going on for months now, but it isn’t just a wine or two – she’s taking it to a whole new level. Find out HOW much she’s drinking after the jump! Biz Baby

(Fellas Check The Pic & Video!) Eva Longoria In Nothing But Sexy Lingerie

Actress Eva Longoria

Damn, Eva Longoria sure does look like she’s doing well for herself even without an athlete! Check her sexy pic in the gallery and her video shoot in the jump! Biz Baby

MLB: Mets David Wright Goes To The Bank!!!


New York Mets Third baseman David Wright signed the richest contract ever in franchise history early this morning with an 8 year/ $140 million dollar contract, including next season which he was already signed for. Wright had been looking for an extension with the team, hopefully one that would allow him to retire as a Met. This contract would definitely allow that to happen. He will be 38 by the time the contract ends. This past season he already became the franchise leader in hits, RBI, runs, walks and was selected to his 6th all-star game. Safe to say by the time he retires he will own every record for a Mets player. This is pretty much the only thing fans of the team have had to cheer for in a long time. As usual, the Mets were an embarrassment this past season and will most likely be a joke next year as well. The $140 million should cushion the usual fall from playoff contention every year. Full story after the jump. IamJOE357

MIXTAPE: Tyga – ‘187’


Tyga comes through with his awaited mixtape 187, the last day of November like promised. Check it out after the jump! Biz Baby

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