(Video) NBA: Jarrett Jack Throws Dorrell Wright’s Shoe Into the Crowd Then Hits a 3 Pointer

IFWT Wright missing shoe

To win by any means necessary huh?  That must be what went through Jarrett Jack’s mind during the Golden State Warriors game against the Philadelphia 76ers.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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Celeb Kicks: @blakegriffin x Wearing Air Jordan IV

IFWT Blake Griffin

Check the newest member on team Jordan. Rocking some already released heat.Hit the jump to see the gallery…. IamJAYBOON

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Lady Gaga Says She’ll Be Counseling Teens On Her Tour Bus!!


Lady Gaga was always a celeb that made it their business to give back to the world and we just found out about her latest effort in doing so. The pop star announced Saturday she will be offering free counseling before shows on her Born This Way Ball tour in 2013. Gaga said on Facebook “At the BornBrave Bus you have access to professional private or group chats about mental health, depression, bullying, school & friends,”. Good for you Gaga. Read more below. Russ B

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NRA Says VP Biden Didn’t Invite Them To Gun Control Talks


The National Rifle Association is firing back at everyone saying Vice President Biden, who was put in charge of the White House’s work to reform gun laws, hasn’t invited them to talks about gun control. The NRA claims that Biden and his team haven’t reached out to them once since President Obama announced his reform attempt on December 19. Biden and four cabinet members will be having meetings with outside groups to work on gun legislation laws, but there is no word if the NRA will be invited to any of them. Do you think the NRA should have an say in gun legislation laws? I personally don’t because I believe there should be a ban on all assault weapons, people have the right to own guns for things such as hunting but there’s no need for ANYONE to have the assault weapons that people such as Adam Lanza and James Holmes obtained legally. Read more below. Julie A.

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Kings Of Leon’s Nathan Followill And Wife Welcome Baby Girl !!!


Kings of Leon drummer, Nathan Followill and his wife, Jesse Baylin, gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday. Named Violet Marlowe Followill, the baby was born at 4:01 pm in Nashville, weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces.Baylin, a singer-songwriter as well, released her third album that was titled ‘Little Spark’ this year and Nathan says that him and the band are also preparing to do another project. Russ B

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Kicks: @Jumpman23 x Jordan Hydro V Retro “Fire Red”

IFWT Jordan Hydro V Retro "Fire Red"

For the times that you must rock heat to a beach or pool party. These New Jordan Retro V Sandal. Hit the jump to see the gallery…. IamJAYBOON

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Damn, Girl! Brandy Showing Off Her Girls In A Sexy Revealing Bikini Top!


Heyyyyy Brandy! Didn’t know she had it like that! See her in a sexy top after the jump! Biz Baby

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Young Brothers Missing For 10 Days Found Alive In Texas


Two young brothers from Georgia had been missing for ten days after being kidnapped by their own father. Henry and his older brother, Ben-age 9, missed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and even little Henry’s eight birthday while they were gone, but now the brothers are safe and sound. The boy’s mother had no idea where her children were since December 22, when she stopped hearing from her estranged husband. Read more below. Julie A.

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(Video) NBA: Teen Rapper Taj Jordan Claims Michael Jordan is His Father


Now I know basketball players get around and quite a few of them have several children out there but I need more evidence on this one especially since it involves the G.O.A.T, Michael Jordan.  An Atlanta teen named Taj Jordan Claims his mother Pamela Smith had an affair with the NBA legend and that MJ is in fact his father.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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LMAO! Porn Site Gives WHICH Star An iPad So He Can Watch Porn At Home Instead Of In Public?!


Damn, as if this whole story wasn’t WEIRD enough, of course.. it just gets weirder. This may be the first time where getting an iPad for Christmas, isn’t exactly a good thing. The other day we reported that Terminator 2 star, Nick Stahl, was caught playing with himself in an adult porn store. So the porn site, Bangyoulater.com, hearing about the news – decides to do the star a favor …and send him an iPad! They sent him this so he can watch and touch in the luxury of his own home. They even tell him, “…we’d like to send you a brand new iPad so you can view our website… in a private setting away from your fans… do your private business in a tranquil setting.” The site even goes as far as talking about his past disappearance in May, “the upside of viewing our site via a mobile device is that your family and friends can find you once you set the settings and download the find my iPad app! You’ll never go missing again.” (LOL!) As we told you, he was arrested but booked for lewd conduct, which is a misdemeanor – but now, he won’t have to go through the trouble anymore! See exactly what the site said to him in the letter included with the iPad below! Biz Baby x Tat WzA

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