(Photo) Ryan Lanza In Custody


The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy is one that will live in the memories of Americans everywhere, just like the massacre at Colombine so many years ago. Unfortunately there are sick people in the world that do disgusting and disheartening things. Ryan Lanza, brother of Adam Lanza the suspected gunman in the Newton Connecticut attack, has been taken into custody and here is our first look at him. Hit the Jump for more. PaulDaPro

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Boxing: Manny Pacquiao’s Wife Wants Him To Quit


After the way Manny Pacquiao got knocked out last Saturday night, if I was his wife, I would want him to retire too. All the funny pictures with captions have been hilarious since the fight, but in all seriousness I am sure it was a very scary experience for Pacquiao’s family to see him hurt like that. His wife Jinkee Pacquiao feels he has nothing else to prove. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

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Apple Working On The Next ‘BIG’ Thing !!!!


A lot of talk has swarmed around Apple and the possibilities of them developing a TV to put all others to shame. Nothing solid has hit the mainstream air ways, all rumors but its likely they’d eventually make one but now just seems so right. Well it looks like we finally got something to latch onto. New reports of Apple being ‘in the works’ with some big manufacturer names. Hit the jump for the story… Tat Wza

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(Fellas Check The 18 And Over Pic! ) Jessenia Vice Lookig Super Sexy In This One!


Check out This Pic of Jessenia Vice you don’t want to miss!! DJ-O

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(Video) VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Will Air “Dirty Little Secret” Special Sunday December 16th !!!

Stevie J

Millions of people tuned into VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to see all of the endless shenanigans of Stevie J, and supporting cast (or entourage LOL) of women. VH1 will be airing a special Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets episode of behind the scenes and previously un-aired footage of the hit show. Click the link to check out the latest promo vid for the special! Russ B

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(Photos) Update On Newton Connecticut Tragedy

Children at Sandy Hook Elementary School

The Photos in the the gallery are scattered images of the catastrophic events at the Newtown Elementary School in Connecticut and the surrounding areas. The school and the town has been secured by government officials. Check the gallery for the pics. PaulDaPro

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Tech Talk News: RIM Compares Blackberry Keyboards


This has been a good week for RIM you can say. With all the coverage its new BB10 device is getting they cant complain, lets just hope it turns into sales. first we got the teaser, then we got the high def pics and then we got a video. Now we have another video courtesy of RIM on how the virtual compare to the physical keyboard. Check the video after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Releases A Statement

Arne Duncan

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has just released a statement in regards to the Connecticut shooting. Click after the jump for his statement. Eloisa Melo

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Rihanna Hand Writes “We Are All Unapologetic” Letter To Fans On Twitter!!


The message was a thank you to all the people who helped make her latest album Unapologetic her very first number one. “We continue down this road together, strong, united, Uncensored and fearless,” she begins. “There’s no question that life will throw us curve balls, we do our best to deal with them, take the lesson and keep it moving without regret!”. Read more below. Russ B

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NCAA: Maurice Clarett ” I Got Paid More In College Than Playing Professional Football”


Former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett has been in the news alot in his life. First it was for being a star freshman running back who tried to enter the NFL early and was denied. Then it was for being suspended by the team. Then it was for being in prison for a few years for robbery and weapons charges. Now he is in the news again, and its very interesting. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

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