Tech Talk Out & About: @FunkmasterFlex, @GameTimeGirl, & @TatWza Take A Trip To The Apple Store To Get An iPhone 4S!!!

Actually I didn’t get an iPhone, But I had To Make Sure Fliggity, And Brina B. were Taken Care Of Properly!!! So hit the Jump and check out our little Trip!!!

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Alright, so 1st, I was up early because 1, I want to hear about The #OccupyWallStreet Movement, to see IF the NYPD did everybody dirty, which they ended up only doing a couple people Dirty -_-
Also, I wanted to get some post done, cause I knew we were gonna go to the apple store, but I got the call pretty early to round up, so I got ready, and headed out the door, got in the car, and Zoomed down to the Westchester Mall(Downtown White Plains)!!
As I entered, I saw Brina patiently waiting for us, Then I began taking Pics…Then some cock eyed security guard told me “its against Westchester Mall policy to let people take pictures”, Then I took another Pic, and when Fun Came, I took a couple more pics, then we entered the sore, and I took a couple more inside, but let’s walk through the Pics so you really understand!!

This is the Line in the Mall:

Then the was the Display Apple had in the window, Showing Off iCloud, by using Photo Stream to go between iPhone, Macbook, & iPad seamlessly:

And As we waited for them to tell us to come on in, I noticed an Old

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“Die Hard 5″ In The Works

Bruce Willis has announced that he will once again be starring as John McClane. The 58-year-old actor said that filming for the fifth installment of Die Hard will be filmed in Russia and will formerly be called A Good Day To Die Hard. I guess four installments of Die Hard just aren’t enough. This time the movie will have an international setting. Read more about when you could expect the film to hit theaters and about the story line after the jump.


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(Pet Pic) Four-Legged Furry Friend Fridays! Meet Chico

Meet Chico – Owner Junior says, RIP Chico – Died from parvo virus.
InFlexWeTrust feature your pets on Fridays! If you have pictures of your pets (with a short description), we will post them! You can email: [email protected]

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NFL: Fellow Players Name Meanest Player In The NFL, Guess Who It Is?!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Sports Illustrated did a poll of the meanest players in the NFL. The poll went out to 287 NFL players. Check who they had to say after the jump…

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Auto Talk: Ford Boosts V6 F-150 Forecast

While there was undoubtedly some consternation among pickup truck traditionalists and industry pundits, it appears Americans like their full-size V6 pickups just fine, thank you. According to The Wall Street Journal, Ford Motor Company had expected sales of its 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6-equipped F-150 pickups to represent about 40 percent of its mix, but the turbocharged six-cylinder is on target to be around 45 percent of the mainstay model’s sales tally, with sales hitting about 100,000 units in 2011.

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Elba Everlasting Shows Off Her ASSets

Elba Everlasting showing off her assets!! Hit the jump to check her out!


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#IFWT Wishes Usher (@UsherRaymondIV) a Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday, Usher!! We wish you many more!!

Marisa Mendez and IFWT

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Tech Talk Shopping: Looking To Buy A 3D TV?

3D TV’s are definitely the wave right now. Wht are you currently working with? Tube TV? Well lets upgrade ya. Hit the jump to see a great deal on a 73 inch 3D television.

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(Video) Future Freestyles on DJ Green Lantern’s Show

Mr. Tony Montana stopped by DJ Green Lantern’s spot at Shade 45 earlier this week, and kicked a freestyle for the listeners. Watch him go in below.

Marisa Mendez

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Flex Flick: Love Manhattan today!! I think I miss having a office in the city!! Shout to Matt Barash at Forbes!!!

Funk Flex

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