(PHOTOS) NFL: First Pics of Evelyn Lozada Since Alleged Chad Johnson Headbutt

IFWT_Evelyn after headbutt DMCA

Sabrina B.

Chad Johnson’s estranged wife Evelyn Lozada — whom the ex-NFL player allegedly headbutted during a nuclear argument this month — is showing her face for the first time since the incident.

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Kanye West’s Fiance’ Exposing Him In Her New Tell All Book

UsWeekly's HOT HOLLYWOOD 2007 - Inside

After news surfacing that Kanye West’s ex fiancé, Alexis Phifer, writing a tell all book – rumors that she would air out Kanye’s laundry spread like wildfire. Plenty of blogs went to Phifer herself to find out the scoop. She finally set the record straight …is she going to expose him?! Hit the Jump.

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LL Cool J’S Attempted Robber Is Facing Life In Prison!


Early yesterday morning, a man broke into rapper/actor LL Cool J’s California mansion, triggering an alarm in the house. This woke up LL, who proceeded to find the attempted robber downstairs and beat the ish out of him (breaking his jaw and nose) until the cops came to take him away. Now, the man is facing life in prison for the break-in. Don’t mess with Cool James!

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NYPD Officers Charged For Racist Facebook Comments Against West Indian Day Parade Celebrators

Brooklyn Shooting

Nearly a year after the cops were involved in the West Indian/Labor Day parade, (in many more ways that they should have) including getting very ratchet with the girls, and posting rude and disgusting Facebook posts… those cops are being charged.

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(Fellas Check The*18*OVER*Only*NSFW Pics) 10 Hot Celebrities That Lost Their Sex Appeal Over The Years!


Yep! there was a time in every young mans life that he wanted to bang one of those sexy,hot celebrities he saw on TV. The only thing is when time and age start kicking in those celebs start to lose their sex appeal. The only thing left is to hope thye can restore some of that look and aura they had when they were younger. We may even go as far as thinking hey i’ll bang her just because she use to look good. Either way check out 10 celebrities that lost their sex appeal as time passed.

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SMH: Porn Star Claims He Had A Threesome With Kim Kardashian & Her Then-Husband Damon Back In ’01


This seems like nonsense to me and normally I wouldn’t even bother to report it, but the fact that Star Magazine and Radar are going with it definitely raises some eyebrows. Apparently, porn star Julian St. Jox had a threesome with a then 20-year-old Kim Kardashian at swingers party in 2001, with her then-husband Damon in tow. Could Kim really be a freak like THAT?! Hmm! Details of the alleged tryst below.

Marisa Mendez

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Tech Talk Gadgets: Steam Your Instagram PICs To Instacube!!!


In an age were social media is everything, some people become over obsessed with updating their social networks. Now you can take your obsession to another level by streaming your Instagram pictures to Instacube.

Wza x YJB

Instacube will also sport a touchscreen display that lets users swipe between photos. If this sounds like a gadget you’ve got to have, you will be interested to learn that the Instacube Kickstarter project is still seeking funding. However at $175k with 29 days to go, it is very likely that this project will be meeting its goal. A pledge of $149 will net you the device once it has been successfully funded and goes into production, although it seems like delivery will only be taking place in March of 2013. So, any takers?

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5 Reasons Bow Wow Is Relevant…& 5 Reasons He Needs To Take A Seat Immediately

ifwt-bow wow

I’m going to #KeepIt100. Our guy Bow Wow needs to just sit back, reflect and perhaps take a break from Twitter for a while…and music. And let’s be clear, all you people that can’t read properly…these are the words and opinions of ME, MARISA MENDEZ. Not Funk Flex. And let’s also be clear…his is NOT hate. Bow’s cool. I have “Fresh Azimiz”, “Like You”, “My Name Is”, “Thank You” and even a couple others in my iPod! But he still needs to have a seat. Now that we have that squared away, please proceed to the “read more” button for my reasoning.

Marisa Mendez

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(Photo) LOL! Drake Was SO Not Prepared For What Was In French Montana’s Cup

ifwt drake french montana cup

Shout to brother @drake passed em da cup he ain’t know it was straight no chaser lol

French Montana stays double-cupped up, and being the good friend that he is, offered his homie Drizzy a sip while backstage together at a recent show. Suffice to say, Drake had no idea what he was in for! Priceless face!

Marisa Mendez

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(PHOTO) NFL: Uh-Oh, Chad Johnson Caught Cheating With ANOTHER Woman?!


Chad Johnson has had a tough couple of weeks since his domestic dispute with Evelyn Lozada that led to her filing for divorce, and the tough times haven’t ended just yet!

News came out a couple weeks ago that the NFL star had an affair with a Boston woman before he was married to Evelyn, and now another woman is coming forward.

Sabrina B.

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