Theres Another One: Guess What This Former MSU Student Did Now!!!


Remember the former Morgan State University student that was accused of cannibalizing a family friend, you know, eating the brains and the heart of the person, well he’s back in court on a new charge. Check out the full story after the jump. AliTheGreatest

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NFL: Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Denies Report That He Wants to Get Fired


A report came out that Rex Ryan wanted out of the circus that is the New York Jets, the circus he helped create by the way.  In the report is was said that Ryan wanted some serious changes in personnel including the firing of offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. Ryan however has come out and denied the allegations.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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(Video) Man Puts Out Boat Fire By Creating Huge Wave, Crazy!

ifwt_speed boat

A boat was unfortunately up in flames in New Zealand until a man decided to single handily put out the flames. He got into his speed boat and drove as close as he could to the boat and shore and created waves that eventually put out the fire.  Hit the jump Steph B

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(Video) Young Scooter – Cocaine *Trailer*


If you, like me, have the guilty pleasure of bumping Young Scooter’s Cocaine at the highest volume your speakers can go then you will be very excited to see visuals coming for the Drug anthem. It’s set up almost like a movie, and in the trailer you can see Scooter telling his story. Check it out, it looks really cool! PaulDaPro

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Fitted: @COOL J’s x Custom New Era Chicago Bulls 59Fifty Fitted

IFWT Fitted Of the Day

Check out the fitted of the day. Perfect match with ya Bred 11’s. Hit the jump to see the gallery… IamJAYBOON

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Say What?!?! Guess How Old This Jewish Temple Was Before It Was Found


Archeologists just found a jewish temple that was almost 3,000 years old, but here’s the twist, no one knew it was there. That’s right, no one talked about it or anything, ask me why, IDK. Check out the full story after the jump. AliTheGreatest

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NFL: Terrelle Pryor Named as Oakland Raiders Starting Quarterback

IFWT Terrelle Pryor

With nothing to lose, the Oakland Raiders are finally giving rookie quarterback Terrelle Pryor a chance to show what he’s got.  The Raiders announced that Pryor would be the starting quarterback for week 17.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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(Photos)Bomb Explodes Bus And Kills 6 People

ifwt_bus explosion

A bomb set off an explosion on a bus with passengers aboard in Pakistan.  Fifty-two people were injured while six people were killed in the explosion.  Hit the jump for pics of the explosion and the aftermath. Steph B

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(Video) Kat Williams Is Not Joking With Quentin Tarantino!!!


Kat Williams says he’s going to punch Quentin Tarantino right in the kisser when he runs up on him. Though he claims he’s not upset, the comedian is very bothered by the Django: Unchained film Tarantino released on Christmas. Apparently Kat “checked with all of Ni**adom,” and nobody could tell him where Tarantino thought he could get away with saying the term “F**king Ni**er”, an astounding 186 times according to Williams. The film which has been both celebrated and protested all over the country has sparked an awful lot of controversy particularly amongst African American’s and celebrities. People have come up on both sides with valid points but, Kat makes a great point in this video. Check it out to see what I mean. PaulDaPro

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(Video)Racist Woman Confesses She Pushed Man In Front Of Train!

man killed on tracks

Erica Menendez hates Muslims and Hindus and has been since 9/11, claims reports.  Since her hatred is so strong she decided to act upon them this past weekend.  While she was standing on a train platform she pushed Sunando Sen onto the tracks in front of an incoming train and killed him.  She fled the scene, but her family recognized her mug shots and tipped off the police as where this homeless woman may be.  She has been arrested for the crime and confessed that she has been beating up these ethnicities for a while. Watch her escaping on surveillance after the jump. Steph B

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