Lawyer Wants To Sue Connecticut For HOW Much Because Of Newtown Shooting?!


Attorney, Irving Pinsky, wants to sue the state of Connecticut on behalf of one of the Newtown, CT survivors he calls “Jill Doe.” Pinksy claims “Jane Doe,” who is 6-years-old, heard violence and screams over the intercom after it was accidentally turned on during the Adam Lanza massacre. He claims that she experienced “emotional and psychological trauma and injury” during the incident. Pinsky wants to go after the state for a HUGE amount of money saying that the school needs a better security system. So instead of doing everything he can to ensure the security systems are but into place, he decides to sue the state that could very well help with security systems? Find how much he’s suing for below. Julie A.

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(Video) DAMN! Charlie Sheen Drops A Homophobic Slur.. He Says WHAT?!

IFWT_Charlie Sheen

Man, just when Sheen was on a hot streak with donating money to a girl with cancer to giving his check to Lindsay Lohan to pay off her taxes.. of course, something just had to go the wrong way. He was hosting the opening of his new bar, a cool spot in Cabo called El Ganzo. Everything was going well till suddenly Sheen hit the audience with a homophobic slur. Charlie was seen as “the man of the party,” kissing girls, taking pics with everyone, shaking hands – but all of this ruined when he decides to get reckless.. see what he says below, along with the footage of the actual night. You just had to ruin it, Charlie! Biz Baby

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(Video) Kanye Goes On A Rant While Performing At Revel, Slams Grammy Awards & More

Kanye West performing at Revel

Kanye West went on a rant last night while performing at Revel in Atlantic City. Kanye said it won’t be long until he starts designing more things such as stores and more. Yeezy spoke about how he’s never satisfied and always wants more before taking aim at critics who slammed him for his Paris fashion show and for those people who told him he couldn’t rap and he should only stick to producing. He also has some words for the Grammy Awards since “N*ggas In Paris” wasn’t up for Song of the Year and neither Watch the Throne or My Dark Twisted Fantasy weren’t nominated this year. Watch him go in below. Funk Flex

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NFL: Saints Coach Sean Payton To Become the Highest Paid Coach Sports


The absence of head coach Sean Payton was greatly felt as the New Orleans Saints aren’t even in playoff contention following successful seasons.  Payton was suspended for a year following the bounty scandal and when he returns to the sideline he’ll have a hefty salary to greet him.  In fact he’ll be the highest paid coach in any sport.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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(Photos) WOW! The Game Drops 100K To Buy WHAT For His Boys?!


Aye! It ain’t trickin’ if you got it, right?! 12 lucky friends of The Game got an excellent Christmas gift! He decided to be Santa for the day, spending nearly 100K on brand new Rolexes. All of the gifts were just a token of his appreciation, each one setting him back about $8,300. See the photos down below.. Biz Baby

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(Photos) Aww! Nick, Mariah, & The Twins Vacationing

Nick, Mariah, & the Twins this Christmas

After the holiday, Nick Cannon and his wife Mariah took their twins on a little vacation in Queensland, Australia. While on vaca, the family went sailing on a private yacht, but not before they smiled for some photographs! Roc and Roe are so cute and getting so big! Mariah held little Moroccan as Nick held onto Monroe as well as what seems to be the diaper bag and Mariah’s purse. Check out pics of the family in the gallery. Julie A.

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(Video) T.I. Brings Out B.o.B. At DTLR Concert


After signing autographs at he Down Town Locker Room at South Dekalb Mall, T.I. linked up with B.o.B. to give the crowd a free show at the DTLR concert. Trouble Man on store shelves now. See the footage below..

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(LADIES Check The 18+ Pic!) Is This Leaked Pic Really Channing Tatum?!

Actor Channing Tatum

This picture began to circle the internet leaving many to wonder if the pic was really Magic Mike star, Channing Tatum. Channing use to be a stripper, so showing nudity isn’t a new thing for him and this pic could have been taken back when he was a model. Many don’t believe the photo has been photoshopped, but something looks to fake about his arms for me to fully believe it’s him. Judge for yourself in the gallery only if you’re 18 or older. Julie A.

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NBA: After Considering Retirement Yet Again, Brandon Roy Is Exploring More Treatment Options


Everyone is rooting for Brandon Roy to overcome his knee issues but the fact remains it’s an extremely difficult injury to play through.  It’s sad that he’s so young and such an immense talent but once again he is mulling retirement.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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(Video) Wiz Khalifa On MTV’s ‘This Is How I Made It’

IFWT_Wiz Khalifa

MTV talks to Wiz about his path to stardom. His breakthrough on the internet, his musical influences and his deal with Atlantic. See the video below! Biz Baby

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