Kicks: @Nike x Air Force Max 2013 – Release Date

IFWT Nike Air Force Max 2013

Check out these Nike Air Force Max 2013. Hit the jump to see the gallery and tell us what you think… IamJAYBOON

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Google’s List Of The Best Android Apps Of 2012

Google Best Apps 2012

Google Play has come a ling way, in 2012 the growth has been very interesting, Especially with the Super growth of Android Devices, So Now we would like to show 2012’s Best Android Apps, After the Jump!!! Tat Wza

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(Video) BTS: 50 Cent Ft. Wiz Khalifa-Hate Bein’ Sober


Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent were both played out by Chief Keef when they went to a video shoot a few months ago for Keef’s video and he never showed up! Keef’s no-show made us all wonder if the video would ever see the light of day and although we still have no word about that, we did get some behind the scenes footage from the shoot. Get into it below. Julie A.

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NFL: Michael Vick Reportedly Unwilling to Renegotiate Contract With the Eagles


It is a practical certainty that Michael Vick will be out of  an Eagles uniform by the end of the season but there was one small option that could have changed that.  Despite his sub par season a major issue with Vick was his incredibly large contract.  Check out what he had to say about a possible renegotiation. Shay Marie

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Kicks: @Reebok x Question “New Year’s Eve” – Release Reminder

IFWT Reebok Question

In celebration of the 10 Anniversary celebration, Reebok is paying tribute by releasing some Heat! Hit the jump to see the gallery… IamJAYBOON

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(Photos & Video) Another WTF Is Kanye Wearing Moment Last Night At His Revel Concert

Kanye West performing at Revel

Last night Kanye West performed at Revel in Atlantic City and seemed to put on a dope show, like he always does. Twitter was buzzing as he took the stage about some weird mask thing that Yeezy was wearing, but I didn’t really believe it. That was until the pictures on Instagram began and it was confirmed that he was in fact wearing some kind of crazy white, feather looking mask and kind of looked like Falkor, the luckdragon, from The Neverending Story which has been dubbed as Kanyeti. Kanye also took the stage in what looked like a diamond net over his face. Besides the interesting masks, Yeezy had some great, visual backdrops even making it snow inside of the concert. When Yeezy wore the kilt during the Watch The Throne Tour and the 12/12/12 concert, I didn’t really question, but this is a whole different ballgame leaving me wondering WTF is Kanye thinking with some of this. Check out pics in the gallery and video of Yeezy in the masks below. Julie A.

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Tech Talk News: MTA Releases New Subway App, Lets You Know Where The Train Is


The MTA is looking to help New Yorkers out by telling them when exactly their train is coming before they board it, giving them up to the minute reports on when it’s coming. Unfortunately though, it only works for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 42nd Street Shuttle. The MTA would like to support other trains, but except for the L & 7, it would take “hundreds of millions of dollars & years of dedicated effort” for the rest of them to be upgraded for the app. Good news is that they are releasing the data behind the subway tracking, so companies like Google can plug it into their Maps app for better understanding of where your train is. Download after the jump. Tat Wza

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Joe Budden’s ‘No Love Lost’ Pushed Back


Sad news for Joe Budden fans, his forthcoming album No Love Lost will not be released on January 22nd like planned. The good news is that we won’t have to wait that much longer after 1/22 to finally here to much anticipated album from the NJ rapper. Knowing Budden’s past, he probably has some leftover tracks that he will release for fans to tide them over. Find out when they album will be released below. Julie A.

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(Video) NBA: James Johnson Hits Crazy Game-Winning Three as Kings Defeat Knicks

IFWT James Johnson

Last night the shorthanded Knicks took on the Sacramento Kings minus Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton.  They fell into a 27 point deficit and came all the way back to lead with 2 points with less than 20 seconds to play thanks to Jason Kidd, J.R. Smith and Tyson Chandler.  It appeared they had the game in the bag and would have one of the greatest comebacks ever until something crazy happened.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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(Photos) This Has Gone Too Far: Look What Kanye Has On Now!!!

Kanye West Performing In Atlantic City

Kanye is doing his Atlantic Shows this weekend, (yes this is really Kanye lol) and he walks out on stage in what seems to be a wolf or snowman outfit, yes mask and all. But it gets better, he then switches from the wolf mask to a Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture Mask. Go Look for yourself, up top in the gallery! First it was the Kilt, now this, we should be nervous for what’s next! Check out the full story after the jump. AliTheGreatest

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