Trace Adkins Rocks Confederate Flag Earpiece


Trace Adkins took heat for the confederate flag earpiece he wore during the Rockerfeller center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Adkins said it was not meant in any way racist, that he is the descendant of former confederate soldiers, and that it is a part of his southern heritage. It seems like this will ever be an issue in American society, is this racist or not? Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Obama And Romney Sit Down For Lunch


Obama made good on his promise to sit down with Gov. Mitt Romney after the election to discuss what they can do to move America forward. They shared their interest over white turkey chili, and southwestern grilled chicken salad in the dining room just off the oval office and vowed to work together if something of shared interest comes up in the future. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Coach Fired For Being Gay??


When people get fired from any job, they usually have some excuse as to why the company did them wrong, or they were fired for some off the wall reason. This coach however may be on to something. I don’t know about you but in all my years of watching sports, I have NEVER seen any coach in any sport get fired after going 25-6 that season. That is just what happened to Virginia Commonwealth University volleyball coach James Finley. Finley who is openly gay, has coached at the school for 8 years, and this past season they finished with the best record during his 8 year tenure. He was fired one day by the athletic director and told the program needed to go in a different direction. A new athletic director took over this past August and that is when Finley says he started to feel isolated by the administration. My personal opinion on this matter is I might agree with coach Finley. Anyone who goes 25-6 as a coach under no circumstances other than some drastic reason, should never be fired as a coach. That is a great record for a season. The fact the the athletic director knew he was gay when he took over also adds to the potential that this firing was motivated by something other than wins and losses. Read the full story below after the jump. IamJOE357

Incredible 9 Year Old Nominated For Best Actress


Quvenzhané Wallis plays the role of Hushpuppy a little girl who lives with her father in the golden indie film ‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’ she was only 5 years old when she auditioned for the role and captured the hearts of the film makers, and anyone who see’s her is sure to be just as captivated. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

NASA Discovers Water On Mercury!!!


On Thursday NASA announced that their Messenger probe discovered ice poles on Mercury, according to David Lawrence a Messenger Scientist at Johns Hopkins University. According to the probe the hydrogen levels suggest that there is ice water on Mercury, the closest planet to the sun. The probe has taken over 100,000 photos of Mercury. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

NFL: (Photos) Colin Kaepernick’s Tattoos A Problem??


There has been quite a bit of controversy lately surrounding San Francisco 49ers new quarterback Colin Kaepernick. But those issues are what you would expect when a team decides to start a different quarterback on a team that was already winning. What is not expected is that somehow Kaepernick’s tattoos have become the center of attention today. This is really nonsense that this is even news. Some idiotic reporter who I am sure wanted to accomplish a goal of maybe getting his own personal agenda on front street decided to make a story that basically degraded Kaepernick because he has alot of tattoos. Last time I checked this was the NFL, and not a wall street job where a shirt and tie are the norm. As if he is the first or the last player who will be covered in ink. The reporter went on to say a quarterback is basically the CEO of a team and should not look as if he just got paroled. What a joke. Some people will write anything for attention. Click the link after the jump for more, and click the pic above to see his full artwork IamJOE357

(Fellas Check The 18 & Over Pic!!) @Heather_Nikole Caught My Eyes With This One! OMG!


Check out this pic of Heather Nikole showing off her cakes! DJ-O

Facebook Photos Finally Private… Sorta


Facebook has a new photo album feature that may be right up your alley. When you download the FB app and sync it with your photos, any mobile uploads go right to FB. There really isn’t any way to keep an album, great feature of FB, but have it remain private. As they do almost daily it seems, Facebook has made a change. Hit the jump… Tat Wza

(Video) Is This Real Or Fake Magician Pulls Money Out Of iPhone!!!


This was pretty cool, I don’t know what to make of this, of course it’s just trickery but Magic is always cool this guy does some pretty impressive tricks too. Check it out. Tat Wza

(Video) College Professor Arrested For Drug Smuggling

Professor Paul

UNC-Chapel Hill physics professor, Paul Frampton, was arrested in Argentina early this year after being caught with more than 4 pounds of cocaine at an Argentian airpport! The 68-year-old has been convicted by an Argentine court. Click below for full story! Eloisa Melo

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