Sports: Olympic BMX Cyclist Kyle Bennett Killed in Auto Accident

Kyle Bennett Cover Photo

Olympic BMX cyclist Kyle Bennett was killed in an automobile accident in eastern Texas. He was 33.


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UPDATE: Meningitis Outbreak Rises To 205 Cases


The recent Meningitis outbreak has been an ongoing issue over the past week and a half.  Seven more people have been diagnosed and the death toll from the outbreak has reached 15.  New cases have been confirmed in New Hampshire, Florida, Indiana, and Tennessee.  Click “more” below for more information!

DJ Matthew Tyler

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NFL: Fan Stabbed On Way To Giants-49ers Game

IFWT Giants 49ers

Seriously?  Another Stabbing?!  I love my Giants more than anything, but to stab someone over it?  Go to jail over it? Nahhhh son.  C’mon folks!  We’re better than this!  SMH.

A fan suffered non-fatal injuries when he was stabbed outside Candlestick Park on Sunday, shortly after the start of Sunday’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants


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(Video) Britney Spears, Jennifer Hudson, & LL Cool J Share Their Moments With Whitney Houston


At Whitney Houston’s recent tribute at the Grammys, Britney Spears, Jennifer Hudson, and LL Cool Jay spoke about the memories and stories they shared with the late Whitney Houston. Click below to see video footage on what they said.

Eloisa Melo

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(Video) Wonder What It Would Be Like To RUN From Zombies Like ‘The Walking Dead’?! Now You Can!!

Run For Your Life

This looks like the coolest thing ever! The event is called “Run For Your Lives”, it’s a Zombie race where you’re literally running for your lives, while zombie’s chase you! It’s a 5k obstacle course where you need to be ready to run, duck, dodge, and have crazy amounts of fun. Runners will run through a series of challenging obstacles throughout a 5K course all with one goal, reach the finish line (and avoiding zombies). At the end of the adventure race, you get to celebrate survival or zombie transformation! So dope!

Biz Baby

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(Fellas Check The 18*&*Over NSFW Pics) Another Reason Why People Are Obsessed With Sex


Here are the reasons why people are obsessed with sex. Click below to see the pics.


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(Fellas Check The Pic! NSFW!) @TemecaFreeman Doing What She Does Best!!


Check out Temeca Freeman Looking Super Sexy!!


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Boy Shot In The Head During Prank

ifwt_Jesse rainey

A 15-year-old boy, Jesse Rainey, was shot in the head during a prank gone sour.  He is in critical condition after his friennds faked a home invasion in his home.  As the boys shut off the lights one of the boys, shot Jesse in the head. Hit the jump for the details.
Steph B

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Mass Recall On Mini-Wheats Millions Of Boxes May Contain Metal Pieces


Kellogg’s has issued a massive recall on their popular cereal, Mini-Wheats. Both frosted and plain Mini-Wheats are being recalled due to the possibility that millions of boxes could be contaminated with metal mesh pieces. So far nobody has fallen ill due to the tainted cereal but the huge brand is working with retailers to ensure that the boxes are removed from the shelves. The huge recall will could the company between $20-$30 million. See which product numbers you should be checking for below.

Julie A.

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(Fellas Check The Pic! NSFW!) Beautifull April Doing What She Does Best!!


Check out Beautifull April Looking So Sexy!!!


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