(Video) SMH: WHOA! Homeless Lady Caught Scratching Her Private Parts Yelling For.. Itching Cream?!


Damn.. this is just sick. Long story short: a homeless lady, scratching her area, WHILE she’s on that time of the month — yelling for itching cream. I can’t make this up. See the video after the jump! Biz Baby

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Tech Talk News: Americans Leaving Landlines For Mobile


So what do you when most homes in America have cellphones or Smartphone, you get rid of the landline you have in your home of course. That’s what one third of America has done, according to the National Health Interview Survey for 2012 about 34% have dumped their landlines in favor of their mobile device. The survey also says about 16% of mobile users receive almost all their calls on their mobile device. The survey also says 40% of Americans ages 18 and younger don’t use landline at all. Does this the landlines are a done deal in a few years? Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(Photos) Tyler The Creator Gets A Surprise From Kanye West

Tyler the Creator & Kanye West

Though he’s pretty famous himself, Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator still “fans out” when he’s in the presence of some big named artists…and that includes one by the name of Kanye West! Yeezy was in town when Tyler and the OFWGKTA gang had a pop-up shop in L.A. over the weekend, and decided to drop in and show them some love. Needless to say, Tyler was stoked. Check out his tweets in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) DAMN! Kimora Lee Simmons Shows Off Her Sexy Beach Bod In A Red String Bikini!


37-years-old & girl, she still got it! See former model in a red hot in her string bikini in the gallery! Biz Baby

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Sports: Kevin Durant Trash Talks Cowboys Fans!

Kevin Durant cover pic

If you know me, you know I love some good trash talk!  Of course I’ve been super church mouse since yesterday since my Giants took a nice L. SMH.  We still have a chance tho, so don’t count us out just yet!!!  Anyways, back to Durant (who is from DC & a Redskins fan)…after the Redskins won 27-20 against the Eagles – KD took to Twitter to talk some trash to Cowboys fans (they face each other next week and that winner decides who will take the NFC East title). I saw the tweet when he tweeted it, but then when I went back to share the story with you guys — his tweet was gone.  Luckily the Redskins retweeted him so we still have it on record.  I wonder if he got a lot of heat from Cowboys fans?  Why would he take it down?  Maybe I’m just missing something?  Oh well…Check out what he had to say & let us know where you stand! GameTimeGirl

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(Photos) All Black EVERYTHING! Kim Kardashian Shows Off Legs In Silk MINI Dress & Thigh High Boots!

IFWT_Kim K mini dress DMCA

Kim K and Ye spending their first Christmas together – but they’re getting all the preparations done first! See the two caught in matching all black everything, with Kim showing off her flattering hourglass curves in the gallery! Biz Baby

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(Check The Pics!) Santa’s NAUGHTY Little Helpers! Vanessa Hudgens & BFF In Raunchy Xmas Outfits


See these two (Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale) all grown up in their raunchy festive Christmas outfits. Vanessa in a low-cut red velvet dress with a matching red and white Santa hat, while Ashely in a Chanel penguin print jumper and tiny black sequinned hotpants with knee-high socks. See the two in the gallery! Biz Baby

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(PHOTOS) Tennis: Serena Williams Rocks White Bikini On Boat With Patrick Mouratoglou Getting Touchy!

Serena Williams

Serena Williams & her tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou were spotted on a boating trip recently getting quite comfortable.  Rumor has it that they’re an item, but they continue to deny the rumor.  These pics seem to say otherwise!  I know a lot of fellas that would LOVE to have their hand where he has his in one of the pics! Lol. GameTimeGirl

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(Photo) Wow.. FOUL! How Could A Cop Do This To Santa Before Christmas?! (Santa Gets No Special Treatment)


Damn, how could the cops do this to Santa right before Christmas?! This cop sent himself right to the top of the naughty list & gave Santa a parking ticket! Mr. Claus parked his sedan at a meter in downtown L.A. Thursday, while he ran some last minute Christmas in his classic red suit. Then the grinch (cop), noticed poor Santa’s meter ran out & was quick to write him up a ticket, SMH! Well this is what he gets for not taking his sleigh! See the photo of the cop caught giving Santa a ticket! Biz Baby

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NFL (Sources): Tim Tebow Made Request To Jets About Game Sunday


Who can blame the guy for this request?  I’d be done with the team as well after everything that’s happened. Tim Tebow was active in yesterday’s loss (27-17) to the Chargers, but did not play & he made a request early last week about the game. SB Nation came up with a hilarious list of reasons as to why Tebow made his request.  Story after the jump with some possible reasons… GameTimeGirl

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