Lisa Evers On Scene…..Mother Of 22-Year-Old Gunned Down By Police Whats Justice!


Fox 5 reporter & HOT 97’s Lisa Evers is outside Queens County court house where the mother of the 22-year-old Noel Polanco met with Queens DA asking for an investigation into why her son was shot and killed by police on the Grand Central parkway last week.

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California Residents Find A New Way To Save On Gas


With gas prices skyrocketing, some California residents have found a new way to save money on their trips to the pump.  Click “more” below to find out how!

DJ Matthew Tyler

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NFL: Jimmy Kennedy Goes On Twitter Rant Over Claims By NFL That He Was Whistleblower in Saints Bounty Scandal!

IFWT Jimmy Kennedy

Let’s keep in mind that there are there are three sides to every story…one side, the other side and the truth.

The lengthy memorandum issued by the NFL to all teams on Tuesday regarding the re-issued discipline in the Saints bounty scandal identifies former Vikings defensive lineman Jimmy Kennedy as the person who originally told former Vikings coach Brad Childress in early 2010 that the Saints had a bounty on former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC title game.


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(Video) The DRAMATIC Trailer For Bobbi Kristina’s New Reality Show

ifwt the houstons trailer

I must say, I couldn’t be less interested in Bobbi Kristina’s life and what she does but after viewing this trailer to her upcoming reality show…I’m ALL in! The show will center mainly around Bobbi, but also her aunt and her family, who are helping with Bobbi since the passing of her mother. They’re showing her O.D. on drugs, battling with her family over her godbrother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon, her strained relationship with her dad…everything! Check out the super-trailer below. I’ll be tuning in October 24th!

Marisa Mendez

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Tech Talk News: Eat Your Big Mac with An iPad At Mc Donalds


A Mc Donald’s in Virginia  has mounted iPads for customers use.  The owner of the Mc Donald’s Hugh Fard said he got the idea from another Mc Donald’s in Europe and he thought it was good idea to implement the idea in his own Mc D’s. Who knows the idea might spread across other Mc Donald’s across the country.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Instagram DAMN! [#ThongThursday Edition]


Fellas check out these random hotties on IG showing off their cakes in a thong!


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Celeb Kicks: @NickCannon x Wearing Jordan Spiz’ike


Check out Nick Cannon rocking some Jordans on his birthday. Hit the jump to see the pic…


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(Fellas Check The NSFW Position) Not Every Woman Can Do This Like Yaris Sanchez!!!


Check out the position that not every woman can do. Click below to see the pics.


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Florida Governor Gives Out Sex Hotline Phone Number


In an embarrassing mistake, Florida Governor Rick Scott gave out a phone sex hotline number to Floridians seeking information on a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak.  Click “more” below for the full story!

DJ Matthew Tyler

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Ne-Yo Calls Out…Lady Gaga?!

ifwt_neyo mm

In a recent interview with the UK’s Daily Star, Ne-Yo reportedly held nothing back when voicing his opinion on the “Poker Face” singer. I wouldn’t call it a diss per-say…but it’s certainly not a compliment! See what he thinks of the pop star below.

Marisa Mendez

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