(Video) A Camel Escapes The Circus And Runs Around The Streets Of Cali!


This must have been a hilarious site to see. A camel really wasn’t feeling the circus scene today so it escaped and decided to run around the streets of Cali.  Hit the jump for the video. Steph B

NBA: Sixers’ Announce Andrew Bynum is Out Indefinitely


The Philadelphia 76ers have been playing the waiting game with Andrew Bynum anxiously awaiting his return from the issues plaguing his knees.  Now it appears Bynum will be out indefinitely with no timetable for his return.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

Tech Talk Sports: Tired Of Empty Seats At Sporting Events….Well No More!!!


How many times do you go to a sporting event where there are plenty of empty seats closer than yours? Nothing is more frustrating. This ends up being a lose-lose; your stuck far away and the stadium eats lost revenue. Pogoseat is changing all that! Making those tickets affordably available for a way cheaper upgrade cost. gametimegirl x Tat Wza

Woman Stabs Relative At Thanksgiving Dinner!


Shenika Allsup 27 of Maryland got into an argument with her half brother Antonio Wallace during their Thanksgiving feast. Apparently one thing turned to into another as the argument escalated and Allsup grabbed a fork that was meant to help serve the turkey and went for Wallace’s jugular, litteraly. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

(Video) NBA: Top 10 Plays From Friday Night Including a Crazy Crossover by Lance Stephenson


Check out the top 10 plays from Friday November 23rd including some nice ally-oop dunks and a crazy crossover by Lance Stephenson on Tony Parker. Shay Marie

Jenny McCarthy Wants Who’s Phone Number?? She Freaky


They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but if you’re actively reading Dr. Richard Jacob and Rev. Owen Thomas’ book Jenny wants to hear from you. The two authors penned the book entitled, “How to Live With a Huge Penis: Advice, Meditations, and Wisdom for Men Who Have too Much.” Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Tech Talk News: Why Your Mobile’s Didn’t Work Post Sandy, & Why It Won’t Happen Again!!!!


In a time of crisis, communication becomes our lifeline. First responders, police officers and government agencies are unable to do their part without contact. When Hurricane Sandy hit she left very little standing. Power lines, telephone poles you name it, it was torn up. It was near impossible to make a phone call, let alone get on the web. The FCC has not only acknowledged these problems but plans to take action. After their assessment of the U.S. Communication’s infrastructure post-Sandy, they will be holding hearings in hopes to develop plans and practices to ensure there are solutions for the problems faced during a disaster….Because Sandy Changed Everything!! Tat Wza

NFL: League Reportedly Pushing to Ban All Blocks Below the Waist

Houston Texans v New York Jets

In an effort to help with player safety, the NFL has taken many measures.  Some of the rules are quite questionable and is in fact changing the game of football into something dare I say b*tchlike for lack of a better term.  The latest proposal is definitely going to face some opposition as well.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

(Photos *Graphic Content*) Chinese Boy With Gigantic Feet Undergoes 4 Hour Surgery

Surgeon about to perform on boy

A Chinese boy with a rare foot condition has undergone a four hour surgery to help him out.  He has a condition known as congenital neurofibromatosis, where his feet have grown to a gigantic size restricting him from walking or being on his feet. Nicknamed Hobbit boy, Xiao,  was not able to get the surgery for a long time because of the costs , so they just kept going.  But, a Chinese hospital has agreed to grant him the surgery at no cost! Hit the jump Steph B

Tech Talk Sports: NFL Playbooks Get An Update!!!!


The Playbook is a players bible. With them from the very start of pre-season, players are to learn their playbooks in and out. Going over pain points post-game only helps players fine tune their skill. Well it’s about to get razor sharp. NFL is in the process of swapping out the traditional 500-page playbooks for iPads. Jump for details… Gametimegirl x Tat Wza

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