13 Interesting Facts About Friday The 13th!


Beings that today is Friday the 13th, I figured I would bring you some little known facts about the superstitious day. Many people think Friday the 13th is an unlucky day and we all know how today is portrayed during the movies but many people do believe that Friday the 13th is a very lucky day. I personally think it’s just another day on the calendar, what about you? Find out 13 facts about Friday the 13th after the jump.


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(Fellas Check The Pics) Instagram DAMN!!!! [Afternoon Edition]***Updated Daily***


Check out the latest from the instagram world. Click below to see the pics.

WiL Major

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Jennifer Lopez Announces She’s Leaving “American Idol”


After rumors of Jennifer Lopez leaving “American Idol” and her denying the rumors, J. Lo has announced that she will in fact be leaving the show. This comes a day after Steven Tyler announced he’s also leaving the show. I wonder who they will get to replace the duo, or maybe they will just end the show all together? Read more below.


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(Photo) MLB: @angiemartinez @lboogshh @oldmanebro @karliehustle @KarenCivil at Yankee Stadium

IFWT Yankees

Funk Flex

Check out the crew hanging out at a Yankee Game a couple weeks ago. #YANKEES

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Tech Talk Web: How Is Facebook And Skype Connected To Plastic Surgery?


There is a special this weekend on the “Facebook Facelift”. What am I talking about? Check out the story on the connection between social networks and plastic surgery below.

ShottaDru X TatWza

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Celeb Kicks: @FATJOE x Fat Joe in the Air Jordan 6 “Golden Moments”


Your Boy Joey Crack is always known to have an arsenal of kicks check out Joey in the Air Jordan 6 Golden Moments pack. Hit the jump to see the pic…


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IFWT Wishes Harrison Ford A Happy Birthday!


Today is Harrison Ford’s birthday! Harrison has starred in movies such “Indiana Jones,” “Star Wars,” “Air Force One,” and countless others. Happy birthday! We wish you many, many more!!


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Sports: Woman Kept Dead Boyfriend In Living Room So She Had Someone To Watch NASCAR With

IFWT house nascar

Sabrina B.

A woman said she kept the dead body of her boyfriend in a chair in their southern Michigan house for more than 18 months. Her rationale behind this was, she wanted a partner for watching NASCAR races on TV.

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(Video) Rockie Fresh Talks Signing To MMG, Says It Wasn’t His Only Offer!


Yesterday MMG announced that they added Rockie Fresh to their roster. Rockie is a 21-year-old Chi-town native who says that MMG wasn’t the only record label interested in signing him. The new comer also says that he and now boss, Rick Ross, bonded before he decided to sign with him. Watch what he said below.


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BREAKING NEWS: Michael Clarke Duncan In The ICU After Cardiac Arrest!


Michael Clarke Duncan is currently in the Intensive Care Unit after the “Green Mile” star suffered from Cardiac Arrest at around 2:00A.M. According to reports, Duncan could have died if it wasn’t for his fast thinking girlfriend, Omarosa. Omarona performed CPR on Duncan until the ambulance arrived. Hopefully he will make a speedy and full recovery! Read more below.


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