Tech Talk Gaming: Microsoft Developing Xbox TV????


Microsoft is still hasn’t announced any plans for a next generation console but in the mean time Microsoft will be throwing their hat in the TV business.  Word is Microsoft is looking to develop Xbox TV.  Microsoft is looking to maximize the lifespan of their Xbox 360 console until their ready to drop that Xbox 720.   Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(Photo) Emily B Looking Sultry In A Selfshot Pic!

Emily B IFWT

She be killin’ em!! Emily B took the time to post a personal photo of herself looking sultry as ever! Hit the jump to check it out. Melissa

Usher’s Trying To Be Different This Thanksgiving

ifwt_usher eating

Usher wants to enjoy the holiday like the rest of us today (I know I’m stuffed already), but he wants to be a bit more responsible while he’s at it. Hey, at least one of us is. LOL (as I go for round 2.) See Ursh’s plans for today below. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Hmm, Chris Brown Criticizes His Appearance And Says He Looks A Certain Way!


People see themselves so different than what other people see them as. Perfect example is what Breezy had to say about himself and the way he looks. Hit the jump to see what he said and for the photo reference he posted. Melissa

Wale Says He Needs An Intervention For WHAT?!


Oh okay, Wale admitted he has a certain kind of addiction and needs an intervention… Hit the jump to find out what it is he’s referring to. Melissa

Crazy:100 Car Pile Up in Texas

In Houston TX there was a 100 car pile up about 80 miles from Houston. There were several people injured 2 dead, and over 50 people were sent to the hospital for care.Check out below to see the pile up FunkFlex

He said the conditions prevented deputies from immediately realizing the severity of the collision. “It is catastrophic,” Carroll said. “I’ve got cars on top of cars.” Seven tractor trailers were involved in the crash, two of which were carrying hazardous materials, local Fire Department Chief Charles Sonnier told KBMT. The substances, however, were not leaking.


(PHOTOS) Sports: Athletes Who Look Like Cartoon Characters

Chris bosh cartoon

I saw this on USA Today this morning and was actually quite amused by some of these pics.  They complied a gallery of athletes that look like cartoon characters.  Check it out & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

(Video) What! A Man Caught Trying To Rob A Women.. Then Cops Chase Him..In London?!


This video is crazy! I cant even explain it, you just need to check it out yourself! ..Click below for the video Mickey

Family Dog Saves Baby From Kidnappers During Indiana Burglary


INDIANA- A family almost lost their baby to a few people in an act to kidnap their new born. Their full grown Pitbull attacked the burglar causing him to release the baby and return back INSIDE the house-So maybe PitBulls are better off not Dog Fighting? FunkFlex

(Photo) My Car Game Is CRAZY: 1972 Cutlass 455 !!!! Olds Heavy!!!


Funk Flex

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