(Photo) Aw! Amber Rose’s Baby Already Supports His Daddy Wiz Khalifa?!

IFWT Wiz Khalifa x Amber Rose

This is too cute!!! Amber shows off her baby bump and it looks like the baby is already supportive of her daddy Wiz!! The baby bump is bumpin (lol) O.N.I.F.C. with a huge set of headphones! Hit the jump to see the adorable pic. Melissa

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(Video) Dwight Howard “The Ghost Hunter” LOL, New Commercial


Check out this funny new commercial with Dwight Howard for Adidas. This should be hitting the airwaves anyday now if you have not seen it already. See the video below IamJOE357

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(Fellas Check The 18 And Over Pic!) CoCo Showing Off All That A**!

ifwt-coco cover

Check out this pic of Coco showing off her A**! DJ-O

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President Bush’s Attorney General OK’s Legal Pot

Alberto Gonzales the former Attorney General from the Bush administration doesn’t have a problem with people in Colorado or people in Washington getting high, aside from the fact that it’s against Federal Law. In other words he doesn’t really care if you want to get high as long as it doesn’t get you in trouble. This is an interesting stance for a prominent Republican to speak this way is not traditional and most prominent politicians take a more anti drug use policy. Gonzales goes on to list some reasons why the federal Government might want to keep it illegal but it may not be the reasons you suspected. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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NFL: Which Player Was Forced To Turn In His Guns?


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was ordered to turn in his firearms due to a domestic case involving his girlfriend. Based on what happened last weekend in Kansas City with a player shooting and killing his girlfriend before killing himself, having to turn the guns into authorities is a good thing. Let me be clear that Suggs legally owns all his firearms and there has never been a threat made by him to use his firearms. They had to be turned in only due to the court order involving the case. Within the past couple weeks there were 2 calls made to 911 from Suggs residence, but neither one of those calls resulted in a report which usually means the calls were not about anything serious to begin with. Hopefully he and his girlfriend get their problems worked out. Click the link below for the full story. IamJOE357

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Apple A5 & A6 Chips Not So Foreign ??


Apple mentioned they’re in the process of moving some of their manufacturing to the states. By 2013, they should have a large portion of iMac’s being assembled within the states. One of the most important parts of the iPhone & iPad is already made here in the good ol’ USA. Hit the jump for the story. Tat Wza

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(Photos)Where Are They Now?!? Some Of The Best Discontinued Brands

Uh-oh Oreo

So today I went to the store and I got a sprite, and some M&M’s but it got me thinking about my favorite brands from the past, particularly the discontinued ones. Since there’s no more Hostess I’m sure something else will come to the forefront, people move on when even their most favorite snack is discontinued. People are always going to keep on keeping on, but sometimes its good to take a look back and reminisce about the past. Here are some of the most memorable brands no more. Check the Gallery for some of the most popular items not on shelves anywhere. PaulDaPro

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Two Men Narrowly Escape Train After Falling Into Tracks


On Thursday an accident nearly occurred as a man fell into the train tracks at the Bowling Green station in New York City. Witness say that as another man tried to help pull the first victim out of the tracks they either fell in or got pulled into the tracks as well. So now two people are standing in the tracks as a 5 train came barreling into the station. They both managed to get out of the tracks safely just before the train approached the spot where they were standing. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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(Photos) NFL: Check Out Tim Tebow’s New Girl


Tim Tebow has been rumored to have a new girl and I definitely ain’t mad at him. Rumor has it he is dating actress Camilla Belle and he has already introduced her to his family and they love her. They especially love her strong Catholic background since Tebow wears his religion on his sleeve. Check out the gallery above for some pics of Camilla. IamJOE357

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Tech Talk Video: NBC’s Brian Williams Interviews Apple’s Tim Cook


Apple head honcho Tim Cook sits down with NBC reporter Brian Williams to disscuss what Apple has up its sleeve in 2013.  He also discuesses the failed Apple maps, Apple Tv and the on going court battles with Samsung. After the break watch the interview. Yungjohnnybravo  x TatWZA

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