Cops Push For Text Convo Access !!!


Often times, a text message conversation could expose information that could be used against someone in court. Only problem is carrier networks [AT&T, Sprint, Verizon..etc] do not retain the detailed information in the conversation. This could all change very soon if local law enforcement has their way! Hit the jump for the story… Tat Wza

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Joe Budden Talks New Album, Guest Features And Tonights B.B. Kings Show With Angie Martinez


Joe Budden passed by Hot 97’s “The Angie Martinez Show” to give the fans an update on his next album. He also spoke about his guest spots on songs and tonights B.B. Kings show. click below to check out the interview. WiL Major

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(Fellas Check The Pics) The Sexiest Mirror Flicks Of The Day! Part 2!


Check out these sexy girls and their sexy mirror flicks. Clicks below to see the pics. DJTECH4

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Yaris Sanchez Rocking Jeans With The Booty Cut Out! DAYYUMM!


Fellas check out these pics of Yaris Sanchez rocking ripped jeans with my booty cut out! OH MY GOD! DJTech4

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(Photo) Meek Mill Ridin Around & Gettin It In His Rolls Royce!!

Meek driving

Meek Mill loves showing off all of his purchases, from his bling to his cars. Hit the jump to check out him showing off his Rolls Royce as he’s driving it around town. Melissa

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MIXTAPE: Trina – Back 2 Business


Woahhhh… Fellas check out the mixtape cover!! Executive Produced by rumored new boyfriend French Montana, Trina gets Back 2 Business with her back turned looking back at it. Hopefully the music is as good as the cover art. DJ RellyRell

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Damn! Hours After Deleting His First Rant, Rob Kardashian Goes In On Rita Ora Again!

Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora

Whew, this is getting MESSY! As we are all very aware of by now, singer Rita Ora and reality star Rob Kardashian have broken up, at first seeming to be over the distance between them. Rob later let it be known LOUD and clear via his Twitter page that it was not the distance at all, but that Rita cheated on him with TWENTY different people over the course of their one year relationship. He quickly deleted the tweets, but hours later, decided he wanted to reiterate his point and elaborate further. He then went on a second rant, this one almost seeming like he possibly got an STD from Rita? Or that maybe she just has one? Hmm! Either way, this is rather wack of Rob to be doing…but I can’t say it’s not totally interesting! LOL! Marisa Mendez

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(PHOTO) NFL: Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Honors Jovan Belcher With RIP Shirt…But There’s One Mistake

Dwayne Bowe cover pic

I know that A LOT of people don’t think Jovan Belcher should be grieved for, but you can’t stop friends and family from feeling the way that they do.  This includes teammate Dwayne Bowe.  He had some RIP shirts made to honor Jovan.  I’m not sure how he had these shirts made so fast, but he did…which maybe why there was a big mistake on the shirt. GameTimeGirl

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(Photos) Did Fabolous’ “So NY” Song Create Issues With Him & Lil Wayne?

ifwt fabolous ny

Fabolous’ song “So NY” went hard for the Brooklyn rapper’s hometown, but it came at the expense of some others. Name checking people like Diddy and 50 Cent for being both hardly home and hardly repping, he seemed to go the hardest at Lil Wayne for his recent disparaging comments about the Big Apple. Not only did Fab sample some of the audio from Wayne’s interview with MTV where he “flat out” said he didn’t like New York, he also used the reference in a hook, stating multiple times, “I’m so NY, Weezy prolly don’t like me.” When asked about the track a while after it had been out, Wayne said he knew nothing of it because he hadn’t heard it. Obviously, though, he’d been notified just by being asked the question. So, did he then go out and hear the song and feel a way about past-collaborator, Fab? Find out in the gallery! Marisa Mendez

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(Photo) Drake Trying Out A New Career?!?


We all know Drake likes to explore lots of different career paths; he started off as an actor on the Canadian show “Degrassi”, and then he branched off and found major success in the music industry. Now, it looks like he’s dabbling in another field! Can you guess which? Hit the jump to find out. Melissa

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