(Video) Rita Ora Meets The Spice Girls


It’s so cute hearing all of their accents combined together! Check out all the power girls together in 1 room! Biz Baby

Guy Fieri Defends His New Restaurant Despite New York Times Review


Pete Wells, a New York Times Food critic had some pretty mean things to say about Guy Fieri’s new Time’s Square Restaurant, but the New York Time’s held a 160 person event at Fieri’s restaurant the same day his article hit the press. Guy took it to the “Today” show to get their reaction, hit the jump. PaulDaPro

Study Found Possible Reason For Einstein’s Brilliance


Dean Falk an evolutionary anthropologist at Florida State University performed a study on Einstein’s brain, in which they discovered that while his brain is the proper shape and size, he had an unusual complexity in the convulutions of various parts of his brain. Hit the Jump for more. PaulDaPro

(Video) 911 Call Of Man That Bludgeoned Mom To Death!


Jeffrey Pyne is on trial for bludgeoning his mother to death in their garage. His mom was mentally ill and had been jailed for attempting to strangle her son Jeff nine months before her death. He followed her threats with killing  her.  The mom’s husband and his daughter had walked in to the tragic scene and called the police to describe what may have been the worst day in all of their lives. Hit the jump for the recollection of the scene through the 911 calls. Steph B

(Video) Car Crash Live On TV While Anchor Is Reporting Clear Roads!

Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 11.21.24 PM

Jennifer Reyna, a traffic reporter, was finishing off details on an accident that happened earlier that day, but the roads had cleared up. She looked at the screen while giving details and then turned to look at the camera as she did, she missed a live car crash right behind her, the IRONY! Hit the jump Steph B

(Photos) Rupert Murdoch Tweets Controversial Comments About Press

rupert murdoch

Rupert Murdoch a media king in his own right took it to Twitter to express how he feels about Jewish owned media.  Some of his followers commented on how long it’ll take for him to delete this tweet regarding the Israel and Gaza conflict. Hit the jump for what he said. Steph B

Drug Dealer Donates Half His Earnings To Hurricane Sandy Relief


A Brooklyn individual that wishes to remain unnamed donated half of his earnings to Hurricane Sandy Victims, most would think that was commendable if he didn’t make the money selling Marijuana. Some controversy over the donation has sprouted due to people having opinions but the dealer says those in need don’t care where the help comes from. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

NCAA/NFL: Tim Tebow Praises Johnny Manziel, Says He Likes His “Swag”

IFWT Johnny Manziel

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has quickly established himself as one of the better signal-callers in college football. Last Saturday, the freshman led the Aggies to one of the biggest wins in their program’s history with a road victory over then No. 1-ranked Alabama. Tebow watched that game, and he liked what he saw from Manziel.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

(Fellas Check The 18 & Over Pic!!) We Were Just Wondering…Whose Boobs Are These?


Check out this NSFW pic and tell IFWT whose boobs you think these are! DJ-O

(Video) Britney Spears & Will.i.am’s New Single Scream And Shout!

Will.i.am. and Britney Spears

Will.i.am and Britney Spears have united again but this time it wasn’t on the X-factor. The pop stars have made sweet music together! The new single is called “scream and shout.” Click below to hear the new record. Eloisa Melo

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