Tech Talk Gaming: GTA V Trailer #2


Rockstar Games drops the 2nd trailer for their much talked about GTA V game today.  This trailer features the open world,  car chances and some awesome cut scenes. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

NEW MUSIC: Wale- Freedom Of Speech


Hit the jump to hear a new track by Wale called “Freedom Of Speech”. Let us know what you think! Melissa Nash

(Video) MMG- Tour Vlog


Hit the jump to watch the second installment of MMG’s tour Vlog. Make sure to catch them on tour at a venue near you! Melissa

NFL: Ben Roethlisberger Rib Injury Could Be Life-Threatening


More bad news for Big Ben & Steelers fans! Ben Roethlisberger’s sprained right shoulder is just the start of his problems. GameTimeGirl

(Photos) Ke$ha Say’s She Has Lots Of Sex Buddies All Over the Globe!


K$sha is currently single and happy about it. She said she doesn’t have time for a relationship but she makes sure she gets her sexual needs from a variety of men, who she meets while she travels the globe! For the whole story and some sexy pictures of Ke$ha click below! Mickey

(Fellas Check The Pic!) Ashle Danger Covered In Nothing But Computer Paint!


Well this was a cleaver way to cover up…Ashle Danger is covered up in nothing but computer art! DJTech4 

(Photos) Damn!! Justin Bieber Got A Ducati!!!?


Justin Bieber treated himself to a $20,000 ducati… and it’s nice!! It’s not the one pictured above, it’s all black with red rims, has a duel exhaust, and Justin drove it wearing an outfit that matches it! Who knew he was a ruff rider?! Hit the jump to check it out. Melissa

Obama Takes Blame For Benghazi Attacks?!


Obama blasted the GOP’s attack on Susan Rice and claimed that if they were to go after anyone, it should be him. He said that Susan Rice is an easy target for the Benghazi attacks and that the GOP’s should take it out on him. What do you guys think? Do you think that Obama’s to blame? Click below for the rest of the story and then let us know your thoughts! Melissa Nash

(Video) A 31 Year Old Women Died In Ireland After A Hospital Refused To Let Her Have An Abortion!


Check out the video below to find out about a women who after being refused to have an abortion died. Mickey

NBA All-Star Voting Has Begun! New Ways To Cast Your Vote!

IFWT 2013 NBA All star

It’s amazing the power social media has & you gotta love it!  Voting has started for the NBA All-Star Game, and for the first time fans can participate through Twitter and Facebook. GameTimeGirl & TatWza

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