Benihana Vs Benny Hunna In A Epic Name War


Benihana vs Benny Hunna in a Epic Name War
Benny Hunna, neé Benny Hodges is from Mississippi and. has been fighting to trademark his handle because he has some real big plans besides the music industry business. He says he wants to build an entertainment empire called Benny Hunna TV Real Plans on big moves.

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Boxing: Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali Is In the Hospital


Famed boxer Muhammad Ali was admitted to an undisclosed hospital Saturday with pneumonia, his spokesman Bob Gunnell said.

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(Video) Obama Statement on North Korea’s Sony Hack: I’m Still HNIC

Obama on Cyber Attack

BREAKING: Early morning Obama Statement on North Korea’s Sony Hack in that he understands the executive decisions Sony had to make regarding the cyber attack–which sent the online and news world reeling as well as shut down premieres around the country for “The Interview” movie this week. While acknowledging Sony had to handle their business he was quick to remind that as President he’s the TOP exec and in charge for a reason. In other words…*Flex voice* –FALL BACK!!!

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Instagram Queen: Kim Kardashian Has The Most Followers On Instagram


Most Followers On Instagram, Before Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber won the crown for the Most Followers On Instagram but thanks to the instagram purge Kim K wins! Kim Kardashian is the most followed person on instagram. Justin Bieber had to settle for the number 3 slot when he lost more than 3.5 million followers which apparently were fake followers. Whomp whomp Justin!

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(Photo) Woman Slaps Her Grandmother For Rejecting Her Friend Request On Facebook

Rachel Hayes

Woman Slaps Her Grandmother For Rejecting Her Friend Request On Facebook ?
Who said Facebook is no good anymore? Rachel thinks otherwise….SO GOOD MAKES YOU WANNA SLAP YO MOMMA!..
A 27 year old woman from Florida by the name of Rachel Hayes has been arrested for felony battery on an elderly woman after repeatedly Slapping the S**T out of her right in her home for not accepting a Facebook friend request Rachel Hayes had previously sent to her. B**CH YOU GUESSED IT ! The woman she repeatedly slapped? Her 72 year old grandmother.

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A Picture Of Rick Ross In A Pear Tree


MTV has jokes and so does the comedian behind drawing Rick Ross in a pear tree. The picture is so comical. We can’t let down the Rick Ross pear jokes. MTV posted this photo of animated Rick Ross sitting in a pear tree and captioned it by saying “My true love sent to me,a Rick Ross in a pear tree”, LOL. Just in time for the christmas spirit. The artist is Miquela Davis. Be sure to check out the hilarious photo in the gallery..

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A Dog Shoots A Man With A Riffle


Bad Dog!, No just kidding the poor dog did shoot a man but it was totally by accident.This happened in Wyoming. The incident happened when the owner of the dog asked his dog to jump to the back seat of the car. The owner Richard Fipps kept his riffle in the back seat of his car and when he asked his dog to move from the front of the seat to the back, the dog accidentally set of the riffle. The riffle ended up shooting Richard in the left arm. He was taken to the hospital and is going to be fine.

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(Video) Protest Shuts Down Mall of America

Black Lives Matter

Protest Shuts Down Mall of America ?
During one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, inside the biggest shopping mall in America, shoppers just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota heard peaceful, but not exactly the most merry chants around the Christmas tree

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(Video) U.S Asks China To Cut Off North Koreas Internet


U.S Asks China To Cut Off North Koreas Internet ?
So Yesterday President Obama had said at a press conference that the U.S. would be taking steps to “instigate a proportional response” to North Korea for their confirmed cyber attack on Sony. American proportions are wider than most countries, so they are currently trying to react by putting a block on all the Internet access to North Korea.

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NBA: Adam Silver on Tanking: “I absolutely don’t think any team is trying to lose”


NBA commissioner Adam Silver says that the perception of tanking in the league is greater than the reality of it.  He’s either really delusional or just trying to save face and not make the league look bad.  I’m going with the latter.

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