(Photos) Boxing: Birdman Stunna Collects His Winnings After Betting $1 Million On Mayweather!

We told you earlier Birdman wasn’t playing and dropped $1 million on Floyd to beat Manny Pacquiao. Well as the world now knows, Floyd did indeed pull off the victory in convincing fashion which means there are a lot of happy bettors who bet on Money! One of those happy people is none other than Birdman, who just got richer. He may not have gotten as rich as Floyd did tonight, but racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars while you sit and enjoy a historical fight is a nice way to live. Check the gallery as Birdman comes to collect!

Families Of NYPD’s Wenjian Liu & Rafael Ramos Receive $1 Million From Hong Kong Benefactor!

Families of NYPD’s Wenjian Liu & Rafael Ramos receive $1 million from Hong Kong benefactor. Read more on the story below!

Rihanna Soon To Sign 7 Figure Deal With What Athletic Brand?!

You thought it was Adidas didn’t you? Wrong! The shell toe loving goddess is taking her flawless fashion sense to Puma! The contract is said to be set at a whopping $1 million, and will bind the singer from wearing rivals’ brands. A source says “She will have to slowly start to incorporate Puma into her wardrobe.” A change which should be interesting to watch, as she once could not get enough of the Adidas brand! Google “Rihanna in Adidas” for yourself, she’s worn it all!

(Video) I Know He’s Tight! ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Loses $1 Million By Mispronouncing What Word?!

A man named Julian, was a contestant on the popular game show, “Wheel Of Fortune”. He guessed the last letters in the puzzle “Mythological hero Achilles”, but he did something that cost him a million dollar prize.

(PHOTO) NBA: Here’s Lance Stephenson Posing with $1 Million in CASH

I don’t have a lot of answers here as to why Lance is showing of $1 million in cash or what he’s doing with it, but he shared a pic with the large amount of money.  He better be careful, that’s how ninjas get got!! Check it out…

(PHOTOS) NBA: Paul George Allegedly Gets Stripper Pregnant & Offers $1M To Abort Baby

C’mon b.  Another story like this?!  You fellas gotta starting thinking with that head on your shoulders instead of the other one.  SMH.  So Paul George who is currently seeing Doc Rivers daughter got a Miami stripper pregnant.  The stripper named Daniela allegedly turned down $1 million if she decided to not have the baby.  Nahhhh man, she’s smarter than that.  So with that said — Congrats,  It’s a baby girl!  Hit the jump for pics of Daniela…

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