Despite The Controversy, Jay Z’s Barney’s Collection Brought In Over $1 Million For Charity

Jay Z had only just announced his holiday line with upscale retail giant Barney’s this past fall, when the company was embroiled in a huge racial-profiling controversy. After a couple weeks of radio silence, Hov finally addressed the situation, as many were urging him to back out of the deal. In a statement, the hip-hop mogul said he wouldn’t “prematurely pull out” of the collab until he knew all of the facts, adding, “I am against discrimination of any kind, but if I make snap judgements, no matter who it’s towards, aren’t I committing the same sin as someone who profiles?” In the end, Hov stuck with Barney’s, and reconfigured the deal so that 100% of the profits would go to his charity, The Shawn Carter Foundation, rather than the initial 25% originally agreed upon. He also helped created a council at Barney’s “specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling.” Though reports of holiday sales are still being tallied, sales for the line’s six-week run have surpassed the $1 million mark as of Friday. All profits from the sale of the goods went to the foundation, and Barneys also pledged 10% of its entire store’s profits from the first day the items went on sale. Awesome!

(Video) Marijuana Sales Pass $1 Million, In Colorado!

As the new year began and Colorado became the first state to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, first days numbers are in, and they do not lie! The Colorado, marijuana business, is booming as shop owners have reportedly earned over $1 million in sales, hit the jump for more!

(Video) NBA: Stephen Curry Hits 1 Million Followers on Twitter & Shares Special Video As Thank You

With @StephenCurry30 reaching 1 million Twitter followers, check out this “Twitter highlight reel” featuring shared memories of the journey to 1 million.

Sports: Tim Tebow Gets Offered $1 Million To Play 2 Games Where??

I am starting to feel that no matter what happens in the game of football, we will never be able to stop talking about Tim Tebow. The Patriots decided he was not good enough to make the team and no other NFL team wants to give him a chance. So usually, you would figure it would be the last we would hear of him for a while, right? Well, a professional football team is offering Tebow $1 million dollars to play in just 2 games. You have to hear where though. Hit the jump.

NBA: Leave The Side Chicks Alone! Stephon Marbury’s Wife Says They Paid How Much To His Mistress??

The newest member of “Basketball Wives” should fit right in with her new “friends”. Tasha Marbury, wife of Stephon Marbury has already had to deal with drama within her marriage. A while ago, we had thought Stephon had to pay around $330,000 to his mistress, Thurayyah Mitchell, we were off quite a bit with that number. Hit the jump to see what Tasha said about the situation, and to see how the mistress got a come up in the end, SMH.

MLB:(Photo) Want To Own An Amazing Piece Of Sports History?

All you need is $1 million dollars! Ok, so obviously most of us have no chance of owning this piece of sports history, but it is still very cool that someone can. The 1947 baseball rookie of the year was awarded to Jackie Robinson, and it was the very first time the award was ever given out. That same award is now currently for sale at a memorabilia auction in Chicago until August 4th, with a current price of $1 million. I am very surprised this award is not in the baseball hall of fame, or in a museum somewhere. To be honest, since it has to do with Jackie Robinson, I think it should be worth more than that. What he did for the future of the game is impossible to put into words. Hit the jump for more.

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