Porn Mogul, Larry Flynt, Is Offering $1 Million For Romney’s Tax Returns!!!!!

Larry Flynt wants all Romney’s information and is willing to pay $1 million dollars for it! Flynt has even purchased 2 pages of ad space in the Sunday issue of USA Today and The Washington Post. Damn Romney why they mad? Read more below. Minosoar

Charlie Sheen To Donate $1 Million to U.S. Troops

Charlie Sheen is in a much better space in life than his whole “winning” stage, and now he’s ready to salute the troops. Get more details on his big donation below. Marisa Mendez

POLL: Who Do You Think Would Win The Boxing Match? Chris Brown or Drake?!

A celebrity boxing promoter has offered both Chris Brown and Drake a million dollars each to get in the ring and duke out their issues with each other. Last night in L.A., Breezy said he’s down for the cause. While we await Drizzy’s response, I want to know who you think would win this? My money’s on Chris! Vote below and let us know! Marisa Mendez

NFL: Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Once Spent $1 Million in ONE Weekend

Sabrina B. Adam “Pacman” Jones spoke to the NFL Rookie Symposium last week in order to tell the Class of 2012 what not to do. Perhaps the most insane story he told was about how quickly money can be spent when you have a lot of it.

Tech Talk News: The $1 Million Vacuum Cleaner??

If by chance you have an extra mill to throw away, I suggest going all the way out purchasing a 24k gold plated vacuum cleaner.  Sure you could get a Bently and Rolls Royce but nothing says blowing money fast more  than having a 24k Vacuum Cleaner Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Drake & Chris Brown Offered BIG Bucks To Duke It Out In The Boxing Ring

We’re all too familiar with the now-infamous brawl that went down a couple weeks ago in an NYC nightclub between two of music’s biggest stars, Chris Brown and Drake. Despite pressure from Drake’s YMCMB camp to reconcile, neither party has buried the hatchet yet (over what is presumed to be dealing with Rihanna), but a celebrity boxing promoter has a great idea on how to do so. And he’s prepared to fork over big bucks for it. Details below! Marisa Mendez

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