Uh Oh! Usher And Justin Bieber Sued For $10 Million

It looks like the past came back to bite Justin Bieber and Usher in the you know what. Find out what I mean after the jump.

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather’s Team Says No Way To Paying Suge Knight’s $10 Million Dollar Bail

Floyd Mayweather’s team wasted no time killing the noise Suge Knight’s lawyer was saying about Floyd coming to pay his $10 million dollar bail next week. His Lawyer, Matthew Fletcher told the New York Daily News that Suge was expecting Floyd to come through for him next week, but even when he said it the tone was more of trying to guilt Floyd into it than it being actual reality.

Mac Miller Inks Record Deal With Warner Worth A Reported $10 Million

Mac Miller came in the game independently on Rostrum Records, and had some major success with them before parting ways with the label at the top of this year. He has now inked a major label deal with Warner Bros. Records for both himself and his own independent label, REMember Music, and according to reports, it’s worth a whopping $10 million! Congrats, Mac! “Warner is the most independent thinking company I met with,” Mac said in a statement. “It is a partnership and now I can focus on building my label REMember through music and let them handle everything I don’t like doing. Nothing will change in how I do things. They have Prince.”

Spotify Reaches 10 Million Subscribers!!!!!

Spotfiy has reached the 10 million subscribers mark. They are up from 6 million subscribers they had in March 2013. Spotify is a PAID subscription and Pandora continues to lead the broader streaming market but Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says “We will continue to focus on getting everyone in the world to listen to more music”.

(PHOTO) Sports: Floyd Mayweather Releases Statement on Alleged $10 Million Bet on Broncos!

Did Floyd Mayweather just lose $10 million because he bet on the Broncos in the Super Bowl?!  We’ve heard that rumor for over a week now and he just took to Twitter/Instagram to release a statement.  Check out what he had to say…

Adidas Releases Statement on Kanye West Deal; Check Out How Much The Deal Is Reportedly Worth!

Go ‘head Yeezy!  Kanye West announced his Adidas deal last week and now we’re finally hearing from the company itself!  They released a statement today about the partnership.  It’s not confirmed, but we’re also hearing what the deal is worth.  Details after the jump…

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