11-Year-Old Gets A Million Dollar Deal With Whole Foods

11-year-old Mikaela Ulmer is making boss moves at such a early age. Ulmer has just signed a million dollar deal with Whole Foods to sell her all natural lemonade.

(Video) 11-Year-Old Boy Steals Cement Truck Leading Police On A High Speed Chase

An 11-year-old boy has given police a run for their money after he steals a cement truck. Authorities believe that the boy took the truck from a contractor in Dodge Center. The boy and police engaged in a high speed chase in Minnesota.

(Video) 11-Year-Old Girl Graduates High School & Will Be Attending Harvard!

An 11-year-old girl graduated from high school and is now on her way to attending college at Harvard. Check out the inspirational video below and read more on the story after the jump!

(Video)SMH: 11 Year Old Kills Stepfather Accidentally With What?

Tragedy hits North Carolina this weekend when an 11 year old killed her stepfather while her mother slept. The step daughter was given the gun by the stepfather, but the stepfather forgot to unload the .380 caliber gun smh. The daughter shot the father in the chest and the father was rushed to the hospital but died on the way. Check out more on this report after the jump.

(Video) SEND HIM TO JAIL! 21-Year-Old Impregnates An 11-Year-Old

Some people just need their a** beat. Deandre Devon Davis-Williams is one of them for sure. “ALLEGEDLY (my a**)” Williams continuously crept into the home (through the back door when no one was home) of an 11-year-old and forced himself on her, took advantage of her, and got her pregnant in the process. The girl’s mother had no idea that the abuse was going on until her child’s school called her with the suspicion that she was pregnant. It was too late at that time since she was already 7-months. HOW DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT YOUR 11-YEAR-OLD CHILD HAS GROWN A 7-MONTH-OLD BELLY ?!?! The kicker is that Williams attempted to contact the girl via a text message stating, why did you tell on me. I’m going to kill myself. This type of s**t takes me to another place. Lock him under the jail. Drop down bottom for more.

Parents Gave Their Kid What For Protection In School!?

Parents give their 11 year a gun to take to a Utah elementary school for protection in wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. Sources say the child took it out of his backpack at recess and started to aim it at the other kids. A teacher saw, took the gun and brought them both (the gun and the student) to the principals office. But, the situation doesnt stop their, parents of the other children were angry due to the fact that they weren’t notified and had to hear the story from their kid’s. Check out the full story below. Funk Flex

11-Year Old Leukemia Patient Is Missing After Mother Takes Her From Hospital After A Serious Operation

This past Wednesday in Phoenix an 11 year old by the name of Emily was being treated for an infection. The infection took over her arm which forced the hospital to amputate it in order for her to survive. Wednesday evening surveillance cameras picked up Emily and her Mother Norma evacuating the hospital. Emily was supposed to be released the next day and her mother took matters into her own hands which can leave Emily in a horrible predicament. There were several IV’s and even a catheter still attached to Emily during the evacuation that if not properly removed or taken care of can be life threatening. Police haven’t released the full names of the family members in hopes they will do whats best for Emily in her present situation. FunkFlex DN

(Video*18 & UP!*) WTF?! 11 Year Old Skater Shows The Average Dude How To Get Girls! Crazy..

Well this is wild. This little boy, speaking like a grown man and even admiring BOOTY! What has happened to our generation? You will never believe half the things he says on here. Check out his crazy theories after the jump! Biz Baby

(Video) UPDATE: Footage Of The Home Where 11 Year Old Boy Was Killed Earlier Today By Hurricane Irene

Earlier we posted about one of the reported deaths from Hurricane Irene. Check out video of this tragedy after the jump. @ShottaDru

6 Teens Accused of Gang Raping 11-Year Old!!

One teen is now in custody… authorities believe he is one of the six responsible for rapping a 11 year old girl inside a park bathroom…I am hoping they find the rest of the teens who raped this little girl!!! This is disgusting!!!! @Ash_Bankz

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