(Video) Young Thug Buys All His Siblings Houses And Cars

Sheesh! Now we know that Young Thug is making that chicken! Supposedly he bought all 12 of his siblings houses and cars.

Donald Trump Declines Heavily In The Polls; Drops 12 Points

Donald Trump has dropped 12 points in the last week during his run for the United States’ Presidency, marking his biggest plummet since it has commenced. Full story after the jump.

#DJFunkFlexApp New Music: Snootie Wild Ft. Yo Gotti & DJ Drama – 12

Snootie Wild links up with Yo Gotti & DJ Drama! Take a listen to “12” after the jump!

(Scary) Man Awakens After 12 Years And Says He Was Aware Of Everything

Man Awakens After 12 Years And Says He Was Aware Of Everything. It was back in the 1980’s when the doctors told Martin that he had Cryptococci Meningitis which is a fatal fungal disease.

Sports: A Hermes Basketball?? You Better Bring Your Checkbook!!

Playing with a Hermes Basketball is not going to make you any better than you were before. But for the price tag that comes along with it you are going to wish it did. Hermes created a blue leather ball that was supposed to go on display on its Beverly Hills store. They decided not too for whatever reason and now the ball can be purchased for $12,900! This ball better never go flat, and raise my property value just by having it. I know people with money will spend it on unnecessary things, but this is ridiculous.

NBA: LOL! Yes ESPN, Kobe Bryant Is Paying Attention & Taking Notes!!

The Black Mamba pays attention to everything.  Super early this morning (about 3a), Kobe Bryant took to Twitter to react to ESPN’s projection that the Lakers will finish 12th in the West —12th?! Really?!  I’m pretty sure this will just be used as motivation for Kobe.  Check out his reaction…

(**GRAPHIC**Photos) Natural Gas Explosion Leaves 12 Dead!!

In Argentina, a natural gas explosion left around 60 people hurt while killing 12. It happened in Argentina’s third-largest city, Rosario. The explosion was so powerful that it removed the outer layer of affected buildings, exposing the flames to the air –which caused them to expand. Despite the exposure, firefighters were able to put out the flames, but the building frames were unstable and can still possibly collapse. Hit the jump for the pics.

NBA: That Didn’t Take Long! Magic Give Away Dwight Howard’s Number!

And like that, it’s done! All it took was half a season…Dwight Howard’s No. 12 jersey has been given to a new player. I wonder if Dwight will even care?! He did create a lot of drama before he left and I know some fans could care less, but doesn’t it seem just a little bit wrong that for the first time in over a decade – someone other than Howard is wearing #12?! Details after the jump & let us know what you think…

(VIDEO) NBA: Michael Jordan Wore Number 12?!?

Here’s a lil MJ lesson of the day for you in case you didn’t know! Check out some classic Michael Jordan footage during the game where he was forced to compete wearing the number “12”. Watch the video & find out why he was wearing #12 after the jump…

Space Plane Set To Take First Unmanned Test Flight

A Space Plane owned by a private company is slated to take its first test flight in the next 6-8 weeks. The plane will hopefully make roundtrip space missions making it easier for astronauts to get into space. The Dream Chaser spacecraft, built by Sierra Nevada Corp, is hoping to be the first aircraft to make that trip.

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