Colombian Warlord Gets 16 Years For Major Drug-Trafficking


An ex Columbian paramilitary leader gets busted by the U.S and sentenced for 16 years in federal prison. Read the full story after the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Uncensored Trash Talk 16 Featuring Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan & More!

IFWT NBA I love this game

Pure comedy. The latest installment of “NBA Uncensored Trash Talk” is here!
Check it out…

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Father Arrested For Fighting 16 Year Old Boy Who Was Showering With His Step Daughter


Should a parent be arrested for..being a parent ? At 49 year old GA man was arrested after hitting a 16 year old boy that was caught showering with his step daughter. How is the father wrong for doing what any father would do? Read the rest of the story and what some people have to say after the jump.

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(Video + Photos) Tracy T – Photo Shoot #16BarsSeries [BTS]


One of the latest MMG signees is hard at work. Tracy T’s “16” features fellow label mate, Meek Mill and has the clubs going wild. Gearing up for the year ahead, T does a photo shoot for the already released track, and “Champagne,” the track that will be the next to drop. Things are on the up-and-up for the Atlanta native. Find out more after the jump.

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Fashion: Presenting “Brooklyn Loves Aaliyah” Jersey


LaDre Smith a 18 year old from out of Brooklyn, NY has created a jersey in remembrance of R&B Star Aaliyah. LaDre who started creating the jerseys on January 1 of this year has had some great success so far. The jerseys are eye-catching so I felt it was only right to introduce the piece to the people. The inspired behind the jersey comes from the fact LaDre thinks of fashion as art. He say’s he expresses himself through clothing and multiple other things. Everything that he is personally interested in, inspires him. He decided to do something a little different for his 3rd piece which is the Brooklyn Loves Aaliyah jersey, “I love the borough of Brooklyn in which I was born in raised”. He wanted to create a piece that represented his borough so why not do an Brooklyn Nets inspired jersey with his own little flare on it. He admits it took him quite a while to come up with the concept. At first he wanted to do an all over print design on the jersey but no regular print could really express what Brooklyn represents to him. So one day he was watching an Documentary on Aaliyah’s life. In the documentary it was mentioned that she was born in Brooklyn. So it came to him like that; the way Aaliyah was is how Brooklyn is. Hardcore, respected but yet so beautiful, lively, and just real. It was only right that he payed homage to the late singer, he say’s

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(Video) W T F: Mother Buys Son A WHAT For His 16th Birthday?!?!


This teenage boy received a very…. interesting gift from his mother for his 16th birthday along with instructions and the proper “necessities” to go along with it. Find out what this kid’s obviously wild mom bought him from the sex shop after the jump.

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16 Additional Minors To Be Charged In Steubenville Rape Case !!!


This is becoming too much now. I feel really bad for all parties involved, because not only was someone taken advantage of, but they are young and this is a situation that’s going to follow them for the rest of their lives. The two teenagers, Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays were found guilty of raping and teen, while she was past the point of inebriation. After everything was said and done – we thought – the prosecution comes back with another whammy. They are charging 16 other teens in this case for not giving any information when detectives needed it. The charges will be anywhere from failure to report a felony and/or failure to report child abuse. Sad. Drop down bottom for more on the story.

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Biggie Smalls’ Ghost Comes To Life – As A Cartoon Character ?!?!


This is definitely something positive for a child think of. Biggie’s son and daughter, CJ & T’yanna Wallace have decided to start and star in their own cartoon named “House of Wallace”. According to the press release from Ossian Media, the show’s foundation is built from a LEGEND that before he died, Biggie had his own studio built. “the show will follow them in their dramatic journey as they attempt to keep his studio in Bedford-Stuyvesant / Brooklyn alive, despite numerous trials and tribulations.” Biggie’s character will show up as a ghost to assist. This I must say is something cool. I think adults from the 90s are so going to watch “House of Wallace” more than the children would. I have to see this, I can’t wait. Drop down bottom to see what the kids had to say about their father – 16 years later.

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(Video) NBA: Heat Extend Winning Streak To 16 As LeBron Hits Game-Winning Left Handed Layup!

IFWT_Lebron James 46

The game was on the line and LeBron James delivered!!! Heat beat the Magic 97-96. Check out this clutch drive & score by LeBron James in the closing seconds of the game against the Magic that gave the Heat the 1 point lead and win, stretching their winning streak to a franchise-best 16 games!

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16 Year Old Involved In Taft School Shooting Is Being Charged As An Adult


After the Taft, CA shooting, a 16 year-old was arrested and charged with critically wounding one victim (the second refused medical attention). Prosecutors weighed many options into making this decision, but they decided to charge him as an adult, because of the wounds (of the victim) and the fact that he used a hand gun. The Kern County prosecution is charging the unidentified teen with two counts of attempted murder and three counts of assault with a firearm. What is going through people’s minds? He was scared as hell to shoot anybody so, what drove him to do the stupid S**T in the first place? Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

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