NBA: Oh Really?! Here’s What The Knicks Will Reportedly Offer Carmelo Anthony To Stay With The Team!!

Carmelo Anthony will not be a free agent until next summer, but that isn’t stopping teams from talking about him now.  We already heard the rumors about the Lakers trying to snatch up Melo (and LeBron), but the Knicks aren’t giving up Melo that easy.  They have reportedly already let him know their plans.  Check out what they want to offer him & let us know what you think. #KNICKS #KNICKSTAPE

Auto:(Photo) Could This Be The New Ford Mustang In 2015! Futuristic Look

The next generation of the Ford Mustang may go in a totally different direction. If this is true, it would only be the 5th time that Ford has changed the entire platform of the Mustang in the 50 years they have been making the car. But times do change, and I think it would be a nice look. You will always have the hardcore enthusiasts who will never be pleased with change, but at the end of the day you have to consider moving the car and brand forward. The mustang has pretty much had the same overall body platform and shape since around the year 2000. Just with some changes here and there over the years to refresh the car, but if you look at a 2001 Mustang and a 2013 model, you can see too many similarities. Ford has already said the new generation Mustang will not have a retro look, which means it willd be something totally new. Check the gallery after the jump to see a version of what they might look like starting in 2015.

Smartphones To Replace Keys With Upcoming 2015 Hyundai Cars

The smartphone is looking to be part of your everyday by 2015, this according to Hyundai. By 2015 HYundai wants your smartphone to be the center piece of the car, and have your smartphone replace your car keys. Chevy already has an app that starts your car from anywhere, Hyundai is looking to incorporate NFC technology which would allow the driver lock and unlock cars. The driver would swipe their phone by the car to open the doors, save seat settings and customize the overall in-car experience. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

SMH!! End Of The World Apparently Postponed To 2015!

Lol! Can they just stop it already… Apparently Mayan scholars have postponed the end of the world to September 3, 2015! I can’t. Hit the jump for more details. Melissa

123 New York Schools May Be Getting The Boot!

The New York Department of Education is handing out warnings to 123 struggling schools saying get it together or adios. These schools have until 2015 to make high improvements with tests and graduation rates. Maybe they should hire some new teachers. What do you think, is it the teachers or the students? Read more below. Minosoar

Auto Talk: Next BMW Z4 to be more dynamic

The next-generation BMW Z4 roadster is slated to arrive in 2015, and according to new reports, it’s going to be a more dynamic machine. Well, slightly more dynamic, since the Z4 will still need to squeeze into the triangulated space between better driving chops and not looking too different than the current car. Buyers may want a better driver’s car, but they also want a timeless design that will still look good in 15 years. Funk Flex

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