(Video) T.I. Makes It Rain $30K In A Dallas Strip Club

After a tough week, being slammed my critics and fans for his views on a woman in the White House, and serving back to back apologies, rapper T.I. blew off some steam in a Dallas strip club. According to TMZ, the club was already poppin’ for one of the dancer’s birthday and the rapper got things lit when he made it rain $30K. Check out the insane video below.

Lil Durk Said He’s Lost $30k On WHAT?! Because He’s From Chicago?

Lil Durk recently sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, where he reflects on what his background of Chicago has taken away from him. Coming from Chicago Lil Durk carries that label everywhere he goes and it does cost him. The Chiraq rapper revealed that he has lost up to $30,000 in show money because they have been shut down. Hit the jump to read more of the interview.

NFL:(Video) No Fun League!! Bucs Dashon Goldson Fined $30K For This Hit

We all know the NFL has been trying it’s best to clean up the game from dirty plays and hits. Main reason for it is because it wants to avoid concussions for it’s players the best it can. However, in doing so and putting forth all these new rules regarding the way you can hit a player, they are putting defensive players at such a disadvantage. At this point they do not even know how to hit a player without being fined. When a grown man signs a contract to be paid to play football, that man knows the risks of being injured on the field. The league should then not have to also protect a player when certain things in the game of football come with the territory. This hit is a perfect example. Last Sunday, Bucs safety Dashon Goldson hits Jets receiver Jeff Cumberland with a big hit, but a CLEAN hit. He did not purposely aim for his head or anything like that. He caught him right in his chest, close to his facemask. He just gave him a very hard, clean hit, and it wound up knocking Cumberland out of the game. Hit the jump for the video and let me know what you think. Should be be fined?

(PHOTOS) NFL: Darnell Dockett Buys A Baby Tiger! He Also TRIED To Buy a Monkey For $30k!!

I am beyond jealous right now!!  Darnell Dockett is animal crazy and I LOVE it!!!  I know some of you won’t agree with me, but I’d love to own a tiger or monkey!  I’m not sure how this is legal, but Darnell was on Twitter and showed off his new pet tiger cub!  His name is Buddy.  Darnell also tried to purchase a monkey, but the owner wouldn’t sell it…even after Darnell offered $30,000 for it!!! Check out the photos and full story after the jump…

NFL: Tim Tebow Easter Sermon Expected To Draw Crowd of 30K

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Tim Tebow will deliver the Easter sermon on Sunday at the Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas, and the expected turnout is one more indication of Tebow’s enormous popularity.

Tech Talk Device: Is This iPhone Too Expensive???

You Have To see this iPhone! Diamonds just all in the back wiating for you to break it Open and Steal them -_- Seriously this is kinda nice, it will only cost you 30K to own, unless you wanna go with the Crystal version, that’s only 7K, much better right?? Well either way Hit the Jump and let me know what you think! Tat WZA

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