(Photos/Video) Tech: The Vuze Camera & 3D 360 VR Kit Is Available For Pre Order!

Vuze announced their 360 VR recording camera and it’s available for pre order, along with a special recording kit!

(Video) New Map Feature In iOS 8 Called “City Flyover Tours” Is Dope!!!

Man, I can’t wait to get the fully working properly version of iOS 8, with the time lapse, multitasking, location finding, and voice memo’s in iMessage, now this City flyover in maps, looks pretty dope man!!

(Video) Check Out Rihanna’s Character In The 3D Animated Comedy ‘Home’

Back in February, IFWT announced that Rihanna will be starring in an upcoming DreamWorks Animation film, Home, where she will be a voice over for one of the characters. Rihanna recently introduced fans to her character on Twitter. Take a look at her animated character, and trailer below.

(Video) Amazon To Have A 3D Smartphone?!?

Amazon announced a June 18th press event in Seattle, they threw a video out to entice people(below), and it does make you want to see just WTH they are looking at!

(Video) F’ing Cool!! A Live Interactive 3D Avatar!!

I could be wrong, maybe it’s only cool as hell to a geek like me, but I doubt it, this is Cool!!

Is Amazon Working On A 3D Smartphone???

The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is working on a 3D high-end smartphone. Users will be able to see the 3D images without glasses.

WOW!! Check Out What MakerBot Did At SXSW!

This year’s SXSW in Austin, MakerBot unveiled its Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner, which is to be used with MakerBot’s 3D printer. With the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner, now everyone will be able to scan a physical item, digitize it, and print it in 3D with little or no design experience. As of right now, the Digitizer 3D scanner is still a prototype, and MakerBot said it will spend time testing, scanning, and 3D printing the items scanned with it. check out the gallery for additional pictures.

WOW! Are You Surprised? This Is A HUGE Reason Why Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Was #1 At The Box Office This Weekend!

Well, this is a nice little surprise. For all you little Trey-ette out there… Chain Saw Massacre 3D is giving huge credit to Trey for the success of the movie. But WHY Trey? Could it be that they want to see those 3D abs? Find out the scoop below.. Biz Baby

(Video) Hong Kong Phooey & Marvin The Martian Movies

If you grew up watching Cartoons like Kendrick Lamar, or myself, then you will probably be thoroughly excited to hear about the Hong Kong Phooey movie Coming out starring Eddie Murphy, and the Marvin the Martian Movie also slated to come out. Warner Bros. released the trailer to the two movies together and I don’t know when they start selling tickets but I’m going to see both of them. Check out the Trailers in the video below. PaulDaPro

Tech Talk: Hobbit Debuts New 3-D Technology

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is set to release December 14th along with a new technology called HFR 3D [High Frame Rate 3D] The slightly choppy appearence often seen in 3D visuals will be eliminated with the use of this tech making transitions smoother. While this will enhance the picture, this isn’t to say it will be well accepted by its viewers. Viewing in your area? Hit the jump, Let us know… Tat Wza

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