(Photos/Video) Sports: 40 Glocc Presses The Game To Sign Contract For $100K Fight!

IFWT_40 Glocc The Game

Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing offered rappers 40 Glocc and The Game a chance to duke it out in the ring for $100,000; the loser would still receive $10,000 for participating.  I’m sure you’ve probably seen the video of The Game beating up 40 Glocc and 40 running away (if not, I posted it below for your viewing pleasure).  According to 40, he was jumped by The Game’s friends and security but they didn’t release that part on tape.  He’s been out for revenge for quite some time and now he’s urging The Game to sign this boxing contract.

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(Video) The Game and 40 Glocc Trade Shots as Beatdown Case Continues in Court


Time is definitely NOT cooling out either side of the fence on this one! The heat is still on as the lawsuit plays out, and now The Game and 40 Glocc Trade Shots as Beatdown Case Continues in Court!

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(Photos) Whoa! 40 Glocc Posts Photos Of Game’s Ex & Their Kids On IG; Claims He’s “Hacked”

40 Glocc vs The Game

Things are getting wild between longtime enemies, The Game and 40 Glocc. The two have a colorful past dating back some years, which includes an on-camera fight, diss tracks and even lawsuits. As The Game goes through a breakup with his fianceé/”Marrying The Game” co-star Tiffney Cambridge, 40 apparently saw it as the perfect time to kick his nemesis while he’s down. Taking to Instagram, 40 has been sharing various images of Game’s ex and his children, with extremely disrespectful accompanying captions. However, 40 has been tweeting continuously that he’s hacked. It doesn’t really make sense though, as one of his tweets say that he doesn’t even know or care about Tami Roman, yet he previously posted about Tami and Tiffney being in a lesbian relationship on his Instagram, and this was weeks before said “hacking.”
The Game has remained rather mum on the social media attack, but did post a photo of a traffic light just a little while ago with the caption, “Green light,” likely in reference to the beef. When you disrespect a man’s family, things can get UGLY, so I’m truly scared about where this will end up. What do you guys think about the situation?

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(Video) OH YEAH! 40 Glocc Puts Game On Blast & Talks Out About The Lawsuit !!!


40 Glocc finally speaks out! He calls the Game all the way out and says that the fight between the two was for entertainment purposes – via The Game’s position – “because it would have never been caught on camera,” if it wasn’t. The way Glocc is talking, he’s making it look real easy to LOSE the lawsuit that he has against the L.A. rapper. You don’t look no emotionally distressed 40. LOL! I would really like it if Game, 40 Glocc, and 40’s homeboy to sit down somewhere. Knocking dudes out on camera & S**T! Drop down bottom to see what else he’s letting role off the tongue.

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(Video) 40 Glocc’s Homie, Trey Maccc KO’d Someone For Disrespecting ZOOLIFE ?!?!


The gang-life thing isn’t for me, but it is for some. Seems like one of 40 Glocc’s ‘zoo life’ affiliates felt disrespected, and he handled it HIS way. You think this dude can sue for emotional damages, the way that Glocc’s suing the Game? Drop down bottom and check it out.

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40 Glocc Says The Game Owes Him $4.5 MILLION For His Emotional Distress …WHAT?! LMAO!


LOL! Smh! Rapper 40 Glocc isn’t playing games. When The Game beat his ass, he went through a lot of pain and suffering… now he wants the compensation. Glocc has officially filed legal docs demanding a cool $4.54 million. The exact breakdown is: $500,000 in pain and suffering, $500,000 in emotional distress, $750,000 in lost earnings, $2 million for punitive damages, $25,000 in medical expenses, and a few other things but LMAOOOO! SMH! We’ll let you know how this case turns out as it develops… Good luck, Game!

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(Video) Game Goes In On Recent 40 Glocc Drama


We all know about the recent drama between 40 Glocc and Game’s manager, well Game talks about that and more. Drop down bottom for the Wall Street Journal interview.

JaaiR (JR)

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(Photos)40 Glocc Knocks Out The Game’s Manager?!?

The game and Taydoe

The saga between The Game and 40 Glocc Continues!!! Remember that fight that occurred in the summer? Yes well it’s now December and according to reports 40 Glocc has allegedly beat up The Game’s manager Taydoe! He just won’t let it go!Hmmm his tweets seem like he did get into something last night, hit the jump.

Steph B

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IFWT Exclusive: The Game Talks Hurricane Sandy, Giving Money To Help People Vote, 40 Glocc & More

Featured IFWT The Game and Flex

The Game has a new album coming on December 11th, so he stopped by Hot 97 today to talk to Flex about the project. He also spoke on all of the things he’s been involved in lately…as there’s quite a lot besides the music! The Compton rapper discussed the fight with 40 Glocc, helping people to vote today by giving over $10k for transportation and more. Listen to the full interview below.

Marisa Mendez

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Shots, Shots, and More Shots!!! Game and 40 Keep Tweeting!!!


Earlier TMZ broke the story, But Vlad got the Actual tweets, and WE got some more!! The twitter war between Game/40 just keeps going, Hopefully it will not get to another physical altercation!! Hit the Jump.


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