(Video) NFL: Two Couples Trade Punches In The Crowd During The 49ers/Cardinals Game

Fights between fans at NFL games have always been as common as tailgating but for whatever reason it feels like there has been much more violence at games in the past few years than ever before. Perhaps it’s just social media that has exploded and someone is always recording so we actually see the fights more but it could also just be the alcohol and bad tempers are more prevalent than ever. The most recent incident occurred last night during the 49ers/Cardinals game. Reportedly the fight involved two separate couples who got into it with each other and before you know it both men and women are throwing down.

NFL: 49ers Release TE Bruce Miller After He Drunkenly Assaulted Two Men, Including A 70 Year Old

San Francisco 49ers tight end Bruce Miller is out of a job thanks to his own drunken stupidity. Miller was arrested early this morning after he attacked two men at a hotel in San Francisco who tried to stop him from entering their room.

(Video) 49ers Fan Burn’s Collin Kaepernick Jersey

Collin Kaepernick made headlines when he refused to stand for the American National Anthem. Fans have reacted differently some heralding the athlete others, not so much. Today a fan posted a video burning the star QB’s jersey and something tells me this is just the first of many hateful videos to come. Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

(Video) NFL: 49ers Hire Chip Kelly As New Coach, Inspires Hilarious “California Love” Parody

The Chip Kelly era in San Francisco has begun and bitter Eagles fans hope things go even worse for him in the Bay Area. The 49ers signed Kelly to a four year, $24 million dollar deal, despite Kelly proving that he might not be the football genius so many people seemed to think he was. With Kelly’s move to the west coast, it inspired a new version of Tupac’s “California Love” video.

NFL: Report, 49ers Teammates Fed Up With Colin Kaepernick & His Headphones

At first this sounds like a silly story. How could teammates be mad at their quarterback simply for just wearing headphones that he also happens to endorse? It lets you know there is a much bigger issue beneath the surface and is a strong reason why the 49ers have underachieved this season so far.

NFL: Report, Oakland Raiders Sign Aldon Smith To One Year Deal Despite His Off Field Trouble

This sounds like something that the Oakland Raiders definitely would do! The team has announced they signed Aldon Smith, formerly of the 49ers, despite all his off field trouble.

NFL: Report, Aldon Smith Got Into Fistfight With Colin Kaepernick Just Hours Before Being Arrested

Aldon Smith reportedly got into a heated fight with his now former teammate, Colin Kaepernick, which could have led to him going out and getting drunk later. As you know by now, Smith was released by the 49ers today after being arrested and charged with hit & run, DUI and vandalism. Reports say teammates had to try and stop them multiple times as they fought on the field!

NFL: San Francisco 49ers Release Aldon Smith After Latest Arrest

The San Francisco 49ers released Aldon Smith following the 25-year-old linebacker’s arrest Thursday night on hit and run, driving under the influence and vandalism charges.

NFL: 49ers Star Aldon Smith Arrested For Hit & Run, DUI & Vandalism

Aldon Smith is in trouble with the law. No shocker there! Smith just can’t stay out of trouble and you have to wonder if the thin ice he has been skating on will finally crack after this arrest. According to reports, Police charged Smith with DUI, hit & run and vandalism early this morning.

(Photo) NFL: Frank Gore Attacks His Former Teammate Vernon Davis On Instagram

Early in Vernon Davis’s career, he was known as a distraction and for not being a team player; leading to one of the greatest coaching rants, ever, by then coach, Mike Singletary. After that situation, Davis earned the respect of the locker room, after he matured and became one of the top tight ends in the NFL. Well it docent look like everyone around him shared the same sentiment: former teammate Frank Gore took to instagram today to let Davis know how he feels.

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