(Photo) Guess Who’s Running The 6?: Mayor Tory Will Be Giving Drake The Keys To Toronto

I guess we see who’s really running the 6! Drake posted a photo on IG that shows he will be getting the keys to his city soon. Soon, as in tomorrow!

(Photo) Is Drake’s Album Release Closer Than We Think? ‘6 God’ Billboard Pops Up In Toronto

Looks like Drake has something major planned. We already know that Drizzy has been hard at work on his upcoming album ‘Views From the 6’ and Wednesday (November 4th) a mysterious billboard popped up in Toronto that read “The 6 God is watching.” The billboard is located over Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway.

(Photos) Happy Birthday… Meek Mill?

Bruh, people will not let Meek Mill rest in peace. Tons of people flock towards Meek Mill’s Instagram page just to troll him beyond belief saying happy birthday to Drake all over in his comments. I don’t know if we should be laughing at this point because now it’s just becoming sad. Cake emojis, present emojis, prayer emojis, “6” emojis, you name it, Meek Mill seen it. It’s safe to say the only thing Meek Mill is really seeing right now is a big “L”.

Two-9 Rapper Says Drake’s “6 God” Beat Was Originally His, But The Producer Says Otherwise

Last week, Two-9 rapper, Jace took to Twitter to let it be known that Drake’s now popular “6 God” as well as the “I’m Tellin” beats originally belonged to him. He followed up the, “Real 6ix god boy” tweet with samples of his unfinished version of the song, however, “6 God” producer, Syk Sense says that Jace never have claims on the beat. “I don’t know why Jace put it on Twitter like that, because I was in the studio the night he did it and we had a conversation. I said, ‘Don’t put it out there that Drake stole it, because he didn’t,’” Syk told AllHipHop. “Drake had that beat first.”

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