(Video) P. Dice Says Fetty Wap Tried To Settle His Lawsuit For $1 Million

Earlier this year, estranged Remy Boyz member P. Dice filed a $7 million lawsuit against Fetty Wap, accusing him of cutting him out of his rightful percentage for their hit collab, “679.” Dice says he helped write the multi-platinum song, and that despite their initially-agreed upon deal of 16.9% of the profits, Fetty dropped him from the album version of the song to avoid paying him. He also reduced the percentage to a mere 5%. TMZ cameras caught up with Dice in NYC this week, and asked him about the situation. He revealed that Fetty tried to settle for $1 million last month, but he wasn’t with it. Check out what else he had to say below.

(Video) This Is Great: Teacher Performs His Own Rendition Of Fetty Wap’s ‘679’ To Teach Class About Cell Bio

It looks like Fetty Wap has changed the way teachers create their lesson plans! A science teacher decided to scratch the old boring ways of teaching via a text book and boring slide shows and went straight to Fetty Wap’s “679” instrumental.

(Video) Fetty Wap Was An Answer During Last Night’s ‘Jeopardy’

It almost seems as if Fetty Wap’s success happened overnight. The Patterson native was able to dominate the rap game this year, dropping a bunch of chart topping singles, doing crazy numbers with his debut album, and most recently becoming one of the few rappers to ever make it to Jeopardy. Monday night, “Who is Fetty Wap?” was the answer to a $2000 Jeopardy question. Check out the clip below.

(Video) Little Girl Sings A Heart-Felt Cover To Fetty Wap’s ‘679’ At Her Gold Fish’s Funeral

We’ve all been in the position one time or another where we were little and our gold fish passed away – leaving us traumatized and sad. A video surfaced of a little girl holding a funeral for her dead gold fish along with her big sister. As she said her final good-byes to her little pet, she performed a very emotional version of Fetty Wap’s “679” song as she flushed her fish down the toilet. Check out the super sad (yet entertaining) video of this poor little girl and her dead fish below.

Fetty Wap Claps Back At Fans Who Accuse Him Of Claiming To Be A “Devil Worshiper”

Oh boy, this is just messy! Thursday, Nicki Minaj’s mom a.k.a. Mama Carol sent out a tweet where she labeled Fetty Wap a “devil worshiper.” She said, “There’s a song called 679. In the first 6 seconds the rapper is stating he is a devil worshiper.” The tweet was quickly deleted but not quick enough as it had already been retweeted and posted on several blogs. Since then fans have been on Fetty Wap’s case about the ad-libs, and arguing in comments about what he actually said. To clear up the mess, Fetty clapped back at fans and set the record straight about what he says in the beginning of his hit record ‘679.’ Hit the jump for more.

#DJFunkFlexApp New Music: Jeezy – 679 (Remix)

Jeezy throw’s a verse on Fetty Wap’s “679”. Listen below!

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